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Yildiz’s Philosophy on our spiritual journey

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Yildiz’s Philosophy on our spiritual journey

Yildiz’s Philosophy on our spiritual journey

We are universal beings. Collections of atoms that coagulate into cells that emerge into being with the magic of consciousness. Human bodies lit up by an embodied universal soul for each life. The same soul through many lives.

We are creatures of earth for now locked into a cycle of reincarnation and part of evolution and the transformation of energy from its purest forms to matter and cells. Universal energy in an eternal cycle.

In our case as human beings we return to All That Is to recharge, reassess and reformulate for the next incarnation on planet earth, until we no longer need to return to this plane, in this form.

In essence we are stardust with consciousness: Souls on a journey to realise our potential as part of creation.

We elect on a soul level to immerse ourselves into the density of this place to experience the laws of materiality, as a soul in a conscious body. A consciousness that has intention, focus and action in creating our reality as deeply relational and intentional beings.

Once we truly master the art of survival we can open up to the power of who we are. We can use this power in our intention, focus and actions in utilising what is available to us. Being able to master survival in being able to look after our basic needs as a first step, gives us the means to explore and develop our creativity. We can claim our freedom to dream and pursue desires and seek fulfilment and happiness in myriads of ways.

On this planet we experience life though our place in history, social development, culture, family systems and our personal psyche and emotional patterns. We have so much to experience on many levels.

While we have always created our reality, it has been largely unconscious and blind. We may create well or not so well.

We all start on this journey as new souls at some point with naivety, innocence and a limited consciousness of who we are. Over many lives, once we have mastered survival our need for experiences is spurred on by a deep inner feeling of emptiness that turns into a longing to return to a memory in our depths of Oneness and love. We look for this through many paths.

We think we’ll find what’s missing if we become wealthy or find romantic love, or pursue knowledge or achieve goals or overcome challenges and so this continues. Over many lives our experiences mellow into wisdom and a certain knowing that come with us as we become older souls entering into new bodies each time. Hence we have musicians, artists or genius’s exhibiting mastership of specific gifts, while others have wisdom and compassion far beyond their years. Here I speak of the advent of child prodigies. We are all on the same spiritual journey but at different places.

Gradually we awaken to our ability to create our reality.

We find that a chaotic or depressing mind materialises exactly those experiences because that is our focus. We may have assumed the ups and downs of life are what the world throws at us in its chaos. While that may be true in part, we mustn’t forget our role in this and most importantly our capacity for free will. Free will to create and unlock our potential. This involves freeing up our emotions, thoughts and beliefs so that we can find the perspectives on life events, situations and people who contribute to the love and fulfilment we seek.

On this journey we may eventually come to the realisation that our reality comes from within.

In looking at what gets in the way of our ability to create consciously, we find that our dreams, desires, sense of worthiness and courage are frequently blocked by entanglements, disturbed emotions and limiting beliefs.

It is in this I can assist you in resolving blocks, so that you may be free to aspire to be the best that you can be.

These blocks may be considered to be psychological, emotional, relational or those that come from your family system or more simply psychological, generational or karmic.

We live in a world where some of us have woken up to ourselves as creators of our destiny in taking full responsibility for ourselves. Consciously creating how we want to be and experience this gift of life, while learning to accept what is beyond our capacity or right to change.

In truth we can only change ourselves.

This is the spiritual journey towards awakening; returning home to All That Is in setting ourselves free.

These ideas are explored in Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich and Spiritual and my approach to mind health presented in Rapid Core Healing. See my Books Here