My brother asked us on our family media link what we think is required for good health. Many would say, a good diet, exercise, avoiding dairy, being gluten free, vegetarian, intermittent fasting. The list could go on. He already knew the answer. He had an interest in this area as he was in charge of the Army Physical Training Corps in the UK and in his regiment their moto was in Latin, “Mens sana in corpore sano” which translates to “fit in mind, fit in body”.

This may sound overly simplistic as many would ask, but what of diet and exercise, surely it can’t be as simple as that? I believe he and other experts would agree that looking after your physical body is important and of course that includes a good diet and exercise, but the mind rules. The problem is that we forget that the mind is the powerhouse of the body. By the mind I mean the brain and the neural networks connecting them to the body system, including the gut and heart-minds. This includes many other systems related to the body network, including organs, through to each body cell. The brain is complex and there is lots of research that has and is taking place to understand more. But what of the mind and consciousness? That remains largely a mystery. What drives the brain, where do the thoughts, mindset and emotions come from? The mind is not simple, perhaps that’s why we reach for food and activity instead as this is tangible and doable.

Human kind are infinitely complex. All the same in some ways and yet each so unique in others. Consider the way we perceive reality. How is it that we can attend an event and each of us come away from it with a slightly or even a very different perception of what took place, compared to our fellow gatherers? The reality is that as human beings, we can’t really know what is real. We can only go by our perception of what is real. Our mind has the ability to make meaning and we all do this in our own unique way, all the time.

If we have a mind that is negative. Dwells on all the things that have gone wrong or how things should or could have been, we view life through this lens. Perhaps the overall feeling is “I’m not good enough” or “the world is an unfair” or “ a scary place”, as “people are out to get me,” or I’m helpless” and again there are many other possible themes here. The reality is that each thought and feeling is transmitted through our neural pathways to each organ or cell constantly. We bombard our bodies with this message and its destructive meaning. This is how we view our world and all that we can see, wherever we go and this is what we inadvertently attract into our lives. And yes we are affirmed in that, because repeatedly we can confirm ‘yes it always works out that way, just as I suspected it would,’ because such projections into our world seek and find those experiences. Of course this takes place unconsciously as no one would do this consciously. More importantly, what does this do to our bodies, our chi, emotions and our health?

If we have a mind that is positive, it sees through a different lens, in that it seeks and expects possibilities and fun experiences. Such people also experience difficult times as well, but take a different view, in seeing blocks or difficulties as challenges. Things we can overcome, change or view as, “here for a reason,” as there is an ultimate feeling of optimism and goodness in the world. Even when things are terrible, they can project themselves to an uplifting image and find some positive meaning for what is taking place. Find acceptance, if they can’t change it and then move on. And yes they are affirmed in that too, because repeatedly they can confirm that, ‘yes it always works out that way, just as I suspected it would’.

Of course some people do have illnesses that may be beyond the power of such mind power. However, even here, it is possible to perceive a serious illness in many different ways. Many chronically ill people are amazingly optimistic and at peace, while others may be the opposite.

In my earlier years I too used to run some unhealthy mind-chatter and even though I had an excellent diet and exercised frequently, my health was not great. I was ticking all the boxes, going to doctors and natural therapists and looking externally for the magic cure or the missing element. This was until I began to notice what I was doing to myself. Feeding each body cell and organ with fear, anxiety, victimhood. A constant stream. No wonder I was tired and unwell and no amount of supplements helped. Once I took up the challenge, over time, I changed my self-talk, sorted out my emotional life, clarified my boundaries, stopped being a victim or over responsible and started to fill my own cup, so I could be free, strong and healthy to create how I wanted to live. This sounds easy.  It wasn’t, as it required constant effort and vigilance in consciously stopping those thoughts as they arose and changing them to something more positive. This results in creating new neural pathways and letting the old ones die from lack of use, over time.

However, I do know that many people do have difficulties and traumas in life and some are born into negatively thinking families, that stop them in their tracks, from living the best life they could. This is why I became a psychotherapist and innovator of psychotherapy to source and create the most effective ways to assist others in self-healing, so they too may choose how they perceive life in taking back their power.

In my work I assist people to resolve relational, emotional, mental health, generational or psychological pain and trauma quickly, so that they can begin the process of taking back their power. Take back the reigns of their life as they move forward. However, how they move forward is still a choice. They are free to take up the challenge of changing their thought patterns or slip back to their old ways.

If we can’t know what is real and it’s up to us to choose what we see, why not choose a brighter more fulfilling reality? Choose how we perceive and hence how we create our lives. Have an enjoyable, open, exciting and expansive life rather than succumbing to the old neural pathways in our brain that are well formed and can easily take over again, if we don’t take the effort required to take charge of our mind. We can choose the path of least resistance and sink into blame and disappointment again or not. A healthy, happy mind makes very different choices that results in very different outcomes. If you find this hard to do, seek help. Clear out the disappointments, family patterns any injustices and traumas you have endured, however, once this is done and you are shown a new way, it’s up to you to take it and live it consciously, until it becomes automatic, as the old neural pathways die due to lack of use.

I offer my services in private sessions and practitioner training for those who are ready to embrace life. I know that we are all on different life paths and make our own choices and I don’t expect like some, that human kind will all reach a more enlightened state in unison, at the same time, but rather that individuals will take back their power and gradually perhaps human kind may raise group consciousness. So its up to each of us to choose the way we want to live in taking responsibility for ourselves. Or not.

I am available for those who wish to resolve what holds them back from living a more fulfilled life if they choose. So for optimum health, do exercise, eat well, but clear your mind and remember, choosing not to change is still a choice. For those who find this interesting you may want to see my books Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual

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