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Trauma Recovery.

A wholosistic apprroach for Personal and Systemic generationa trauma.

Including PTSD and Sexual Assault or Sexual Abuse Trauma recovery in oonly a few sessions for more than 90%of the peeople I see.

I offer personal sessions and Practitioner training.

 Personal Trauma with Emotional Mind Integration

Resolving your experience of trauma that is held in your mind body connection.

Book into Personal sessions or practitioenr training.

Generational (Systemic Trauma recovery

Assisting you in letting and coming to peace with   the trauma of your family system for greater freedon and self healing. Family Constellations.

Book into personal sessions or to do training

Wholistic cleaaring of trauma. Personal and Systemic with Rapid Core Healing.

Rapid Core Healing, a complete triple mastery approach to trauma recovery or practitioner training available here for personal sessions and practitioenr training.