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Trauma Informed Processing

Trauma Informed Processing;

has become the latest buzz topic in many quarters. Many mental health workers and crisis centre workers are doing trauma informed training in counselling. The leaders in this area to name a few, are Bessall Va de Kolk Dan siegel, Pat OgdenStephen Porges, Ruth Lanius and Allan Schore are coming up with new theories about what trauma is, how it presents, the symptoms, somatic symptoms, how it feels, how it impacts the function of the brain and inhibits the lives of trauma sufferers.

What do people offer with Trauma Therapy?

There is still very little information or knowledge of skilled, safe, effective processing of trauma. On effective, accurate treatments that release or resolve trauma held in the mind and body, so that the brain can reset and rewire, through the natural impulse of homeostasis. In a way that does not retraumatise and requires only a few sessions for trauma recovery.

Current treatments for Trauma, PTSD and Sexual assault trauma remain;
trauma informed counselling, CBT and medication, mindfulness practice and EMDR.

What the leaders are advocating

Some of the leaders advocating a range of traditional and more current approaches. Such as, psychodynamic psychotherapy, yoga, relaxation, somatic experiencing, sensory motor experiencing, internal family systems.
There continues to be language about how best to ‘manage trauma’ with strategies in attempting to manage thoughts feelings and behaviour and regulate emotions.

As an experienced practitioner of over twenty years, I have found that many people come to me having been through these practices, who remain highly traumatised, not only by their original trauma, but also by the treatments they have received.

Why a New approach to trauma recovery is required

This is why Emotional Mind Integration is a valuable modality with its capacity to safely access the seat of the trauma repressed in the mind-body nervous system and safely process it through EMI trauma informed processing.

Further, Emotional Mind Integration is part of the bigger system Triple Mastery Rapid Core Healing where an issue or trauma is worked with from the Personal and Systemic perspective for deeper and more thorough release and resolution.

  • EMI for trauma that comes from lived experiences.
  • Family Constellations for generational  (systemic) trauma
  • Triple Mastery Rapid Core Healing the combination of both EMI and Constellations in a synthessis for deep wholistic resolutions and clearings.
Trauma Informed training with Rapid Core Healing

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