While many people may know at a deep level that meditation would be good for them in the same way that eating a healthy diet or regular exercise is, its interesting that many don’t do it.

There are many reasons why this may be the case.
Social conditioning, fear of looking within due to the perceived discomfort of what we may find. A fear of experiencing emotions we have successfully avoided so far. Or facing personal or generational situations and traumas that are present in the background and doubting the value of coming face to face with them, when we can put them off. In addition, many of us do not trust our ability to cope with what we might find and most of all, do not believe we are worthy of feeling good within, or about ourselves.

We are frequently bought up in families, societies and popular culture where there is very little stillness and quietness and lots of distraction. Radio, TV, streaming videos, social media and mobile phones. Our brains have become wired with an expectation of a constant stream of stimulation.
There is a fear of being still and coming into contact with the deeper parts of who we are. Discomfort of opening ourselves up to feeling the vibration of the generational markers that we carry, that are both strength enhancing and also heavy and disconcerting. Further, we may not like remembering some of our choices, or the painful events we’ve been subjected to. Don’t like to acknowledge that we will die. As human beings we all seek meaning in a world full of uncertainty, knowing that we will not always be here, in this mind and body and this place.

This is so for all of us, without exception.

While this is all true, what of finding peace? Coming into contact with who we are? Being able to find a place of clarity, energy and inspiration and most of all satisfaction of a life well lived? Well lived is not perfect. It’s well digested and mellowed. To find that place of peace, it is necessary for us to accept the reality of what we have been, done and experienced and results in growth of wisdom.

When we start to meditate and in particular move from guided meditation to silent meditations, it is true that the mind races. Many thoughts will come up and feelings too. If our brain has been over stimulated by media and distraction, it may take a while to train it to accept the new process of going within, with no agenda, other than peace. The good news is, the brain is malleable and can rewire itself to do this, if you make this your intention. Once the process has started you may find it becomes increasingly pleasurable with repetition. Repetition sets up new neural pathways and a new way of being.
We all carry unresolved emotions, so that it is common for anger, sadness or resentment to arise. We can train our mind to sit with these over time, or alternatively seek effective help to process them, so that once they are complete we can proceed into acceptance and finally more peace. With this comes fullness, freedom and more joy.

It is now possible with our knowledge of the brain and new processes for the processing of what lies beneath the surface, to be processed relatively quickly, so that it no longer needs to be painful or arduous. See RCH 
In order to reach a state of being that is grounded, present and truly alive in the moment, it is necessary to stop and reflect and process the past, so that it no longer invades our present and hence our future. We can look out into a new day with clarity and optimism. This is an ongoing process of freeing yourself to make the most of your existence; the precious moments that are here and now.

With more of the population being at peace with themselves, we would open the world to new possibilities and a new way of living in respect of each other and our planet in a way that could sustain us into a future that is one we want to be part of, in a life well lived. This dream starts with each of us. See the FREE Healing Through Higher Consciousness Webina HERE

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