Terry was the owner of a retail business he developed ten years earlier. While he sensed it had a lot of potential, he felt stuck and unable to move past some key issues.

One of the biggest challenges he had was he wasn’t quite sure where the real problems were.

The company had five retail outlets and a strong online sales presence with twenty-five employees and some casual workers. The first six years of the business had seen so much growth and profits with three shops that Terry expanded to five shops over two years.

While the original shops were still doing quite well, the latter two were struggling and proving to be a financial drain on the company.

Terry could not decide if he should reduce his business back to three outlets or find better ways of running the two newer ones.

He came to me for a Business Constellation session to work out the right way to move his business forward.

We looked at the business both as a whole and then all of the components. This included his business structure, management style and the key people involved.

In Terry’s Organizational Business Constellation he was able to step back and examine all the major components in relationship to each other and himself. In the course of the session, he became aware of his nervousness or anxiety around the size of the business.

Out of that original suggestion, he decided to let go of the two most recent outlets. Immediately, Terry felt relieved, more confident and competent.

However, the next time I saw him, he was disappointed that he felt better when his business was smaller. This was contrary to his goal of expanding his business in line with his vision for his company and lifestyle.

We decided to run a personal Business Constellation to discover his own personal inner blocks to expansion.

In the personal constellation he realised he felt guilty about having so many more opportunities and choices than his forefathers.

During the Constellation process he was able to let this go at a deep level with the realisation that his father and grandfather supported him and wished him well. This insight helped Terry to feel free to expand his business and continue to pursue his goals without guilt.

In his next Business Constellation session Terry knew he could invest fully in all five outlets and continue to grow his business online and in the shops. He also saw how he could make the newer outlets more successful.

The next session involved looking at the management structure and roles within the business through a structural business constellation, Terry became aware of the over bearing and undermining nature of one of his managers so reassigned him to a more suitable place in the company.

The manager left the company two months later and Terry found a suitable replacement for the role.

The company is continuing to grow profitably and expand according to Terry’s vision.

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