Brett Cameron

Yildiz Sethi has created a comprehensive, constructive and sometimes challenging book. I commend this book as an entrée in a potential addition to your armoury. Every page turned gave me a clear and deeper insight into the philosophies and practicalities behind RCH and the many ways it can be applied in the healing of clients. Yildiz has left no stone…

“I am very glad I read Yildiz’s book. It reaffirmed some concepts for me but more importantly, it presented new ones. It enriched my knowledge and gave me a good map on the different Psychotherapy treatments available today. The introduction of Rapid Core Healing through her experiences and knowledge, grabbed my attention from the first paragraph and I think this…

Rona Spicer

“The content of Yildiz’s book is interesting, informative and thorough from a psychotherapy perspective; it provides a deeper insight into the world of psychotherapy. As an educational book for therapists needing further education, I whole-heartedly recommend this book. The use of case studies highlighted the benefits of RCH and EMI and also the foundation of using FC and was an…

Cheryl Smith

“In this book, Yildiz offers up her insight, experience and deep understanding of both the human condition and mind/body connection to wellness. She has used these to create a model that makes a lot of sense in a world where alternative methods of dealing with client needs is required. The book presents a guide to the transformative process available for…


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