“When I started to read Be Rich AND Spiritual by Yildiz Sethi, I was feeling depleted in energy, vulnerable, lost, confused and in need of help, support and nurturing. I felt very alone and depressed. No one I knew was available at that time to help me and I was too tired to help myself.

From the very first pages I found myself enthralled, fascinated with the topic and the promise outlined in the introduction.

I am familiar with the ideas outlined in The Law of Attraction, Think and Grow Rich, The Secret and the writings of Deepak Chopra and well aware of the incredible benefits of Family Constellations.

My experience in reading the book was to be gently reminded, nudged into remembering, all that is healing for me, the truth which has inspired me, while my spirit rejoiced in its revision.

Yildiz incorporates wisdom both ancient and modern, and offers techniques to maintain a balanced perspective, ways to live in alignment with the spirit within and best of all, she offers legitimate explanations and solutions for the difficulties we may face in creating the wealth we desire and the spiritual peace we seek.

She offers advice and suggestions in a down to earth realistic manner as to how we may deal with our troubles and lack of insight. I was intrigued by the wisdom contained in Vedic Astrology and its particular relevance, in regard to the accumulation of wealth.

Yildiz fulfils her purpose in writing this book. It is thought provoking and well researched. Her words affect not only the mind but speak to the heart and soul as well. She illustrates her messages with stories from the lives of ordinary people and offers many questions to ponder about one’s own life, beliefs, values and intentions.

I discovered that the more I read, the better I felt- in all ways…emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I was truly inspired by Yildiz Sethi’s book. My questions answered. I have an expanded perspective and awareness and acceptance of myself, my place in the world and my own wealth. Throw away all the others; this book contains all the answers in one volume!”

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