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As we increase our level of consciousness and awareness, we become more able to generate our own journey of Spiritual Growth and development.

Spiritual Growth

There are many levels of growth, personal development and transformation and no doubt there is a legitimate level for you and wherever you are at, right now.

Spiritual development is not simply about mind-set.

It’s also about heart-set and the growing of wisdom from all that has gone before. Interestingly those who have dared to live fully, are more likely to have more from which to grow, such as those who have dared to follow their dreams and allowed themselves to love. From a life well lived there is a lot from which we can grow and mature into wisdom. Are you living fully? If not, why not?

Spiritual Growth & Personal Development

While most personal development available may help with motivation, goals and achievement, this aspect of soul development leads to deep wholesome connection that can open the door to more peace of mind and hence more of what ever it is you are seeking is not available everywhere. This level of growth leads to more acceptance, love, better relationships, wellness and success.

I have a unique Spiritual development course for those of you that would like to look at the mystical.. A Vedic astrology course that I call a spiritual science,

Yildiz uses Family Constellations, EMI and other tools to help in your journey of discovery.

In this course you would be able to look at the stars, planets, symbology and what effects these have on us as human beings

Through greater understanding of yourself and others, this can help you achieve inner harmony and peace…