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Trauma is KEY

Trauma is on a wide spectrum.

Over twenty three years of working with people Yildiz found that many of the issues that they face are caused by trauma. This is frequently the cause of poor mental health, depression, anxiety, panic attack, low self-worth, block to success and wellness and sabotage patterns are based in trauma.

Trauma is on a wide spectrum.

Trauma can be based in relational bonding in childhood. Or generational trauma from parents and ancestors

From events experienced in life. Accidents. Shocks, Disappointments.  Personal attacks. Bullying. Sexual Abuse or Sexual assault. PTSD

In my practice I found that once this was resolved the symptoms of mental health and wellness resolved too. The best news is that with these new, innovative approaches and techniques, only a few sessions are required for each complex issue.

Innovation in practical trauma processing.

Yildiz is the innovator of Rapid Core Healing (RCH). A powerful and revolutionary approach for self-healing and growth for Personal and Systemic Solutions of Relationships, mental health, trauma including PTSD and personal development.

With RCH you will gain the knowledge and skills to work with a wide range of relational and personal patterns and traumas in a gentle, deeply, effective and brief approach. Many deeper issues have both systemic and personal aspects to them.
Systemic, meaning unresolved generational patterns while, personal meaning unresolved disturbances and traumas that come from personal experiences.
Yildiz created Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) for resolving personal issues and traumas in a deep a gentle, powerful approach requiring only a few sessions.
As an experienced Family Constellations practitioner Yildiz uses Systemic Constellations for relationships, generational patterns and trauma.
This combination forms a synchronistic dual approach for speedy effective solutions for a wide range of issues including trauma and sexual abuse called Rapid Core Healing.
Suitable for relationships, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, disturbances, sabotage and trauma-related issues including PTSD and sexual abuse recovery. Personal development and Spiritual Growth,

You may engage with Yildiz in:

  • Personal healing, growth and transformation.
  • Facilitator trainings