Rapid Core Healing Couples (RCH) Therapy

Relationships are the spice of life…
But when they are falling apart they can be heart breaking.

Many relationships may be recovered, but some function for a period time only. Whether your relationship may be turned around or need to separate is always ultimately your personal or your joint decision. My role is to assist you in that.

RCH Couples therapy is a unique experiential, deep and effective approach to couples help.
At RCH I know that the problems that couples face are complex.

There are three main elements in a couples relationship.
Each of the couple bring with them their own family patterns and conditioning that play out in the centre of their relationship.

This is why I have created RCH Couples therapy.

This consists of series of 4 sessions at a time in a package:

  • A couples session
  • An individual session of RCH for partner 1
  • An individual session of RCH for partner 2
  • A couples session

In this approach Family Constellations is used  to resolve what each of the couple carry from their family of origin and/or Emotional Mind Integration to resolve more personal issues and traumas. More Details

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