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Rapid Core Healing Training weaves threads from both past and present-day therapies, neuroscience and epigenetics to form a dual, adaptable modality that reaches into the human spirit to heal and renew. Yildiz is the founder of Rapid Core Healing (RCH) and Emotional Mind Integration

RCH takes an integrated, holistic approach to human experience, drawing from both the individual experience and systemic roots of who you are. As the name implies, the depth and scope of the RCH process, enables clients to resolve conflicts, blocks, emotional and relational issues deeply and rapidly.

Through my work with people since the year 2000, I have found that self-esteem and resilience are fundamental to our ability to create a fulfilling life.

My question to myself as I worked with my clients is and was,
What is it that holds us back from realising our potential?

The next vital question is, what is required to release and allow that potential to flourish?

Attempting to answer these questions and source the most effective ways to work with people who are ready for change led to the creation of new ways of working.

The approach Rapid Core Healing is a combination of many aspects of psychotherapies, coaching, hypnotherapies and systemic approaches from the past, infused with neuroscience and epigenetics and present day innovation in taking theory into practice in assisting people with shifts and breakthroughs rapidly. Requiring only a few sessions.