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You have entered a unique training arena for coach’s, educators, personal development and mental health practitioners and those who are ready to enter the field as new practitioners.

Profound cutting edge psychotherapy training to make a difference in your clients/customers/patients.

Yildiz offers a unique range of trainings in providing you with the latest and most effective ways of helping your clients and customers make deep changes and shifts quickly and efficiently. With these trainings you will raise your skill set and have the potential to raise your business profile allowing you to become a person of significance in your field.

Trauma-You will also become trauma informed in trauma processing in these trainings.

All training with Yildiz include a significant amount of personal as well as unique professional development, as she knows that we must look after ourselves in the best way possible in order to help others with more clarity and authenticity.


Why do we need a new approach?

We have reached a time in our human development where we have the knowledge and skills from former psychotherapies, hypnotherapy, present day neuroscience and epigenetics to really make a difference. The problem up until now has been that knowledge has remained stuck in many specific fields. Fields that do not communicate or share their knowledge.

Its time to put relevant fields together in a practical and coherent way, that can really making a difference in relieving many levels of suffering in modern men and women.
I have put together systems that are compatible with each other and that work at a practical level to facilitate fast and permanent change for those who are ready.

Modalities I offer in a nutshell
Family Constellations and Business Constellations for systemic issues and relationships, Emotional Mind Integration for personal issues and trauma, and Rapid Core Healing, a seamless combination of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration for a wide range of systemic, personal and relational issues and traumas.

Family Constellations and Business Constellations for systemic issues and are appropriate for relationships and patterns that we carry from our family system that do not respond to traditional methods that may take place in personal sessions or seminars.

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) is the twenty-first century approach for the resolution of conflicts, disturbances, blocks and trauma coming from our personal lives (not systemic) for modern men and women. This is trademarked by Yildiz

Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is a two-pronged approach that has been put together in an elegant way to provide solutions for fast resolutions, integration and harmony for a wide range of relational and personal issues and trauma. This is trademarked by Yildiz

What has inspired me
Family Constellations and hypnotherapy have greatly informed my development of the way I work and enabled me to innovate new modalities and transform the way I work as a practitioner and educator.

Why Now?
We are truly blessed to be living at this time when we have so much scientific, psychological and emotional information. With the knowledge from past pioneers in mental health and psychotherapy and present day neuroscience and epigenetics we are able to open up new frontiers in the understanding of the human mind, emotions and behaviour.

In putting together compatible aspects of knowledge we can reach the depths of human experience to release psychological blocks that lie in the (difficult to reach) unconscious or systemic consciousness.  In finding new ways to work we are invited to think ‘outside the box.’ Create methodologies that enable ways of locating the root of issues quickly and provide avenues for self-healing and integration. Methods that are both fast and effective.

I have put methodologies together over 20 years of working with thousands of people. My methods emerged from a journey gathering scientific thinking as I came from a physics, chemistry teaching background, and added the knowledge from my roles as a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Ego State Therapist and Family Constellations facilitator and educator.

Without a doubt my clients have been my biggest teachers.

With these modalities we can reach the deep roots of problems quickly and utilise self healing pathways for fast resolutions.

Unique Training with Yildiz

We offer a range of practitioner certification courses where you may complete the course and start practicing with insurance, at the end.

We alos offer a Hypnotherapy diploma in Perosnla dn Systemic Solutions where you can do our unique training within an approved Australian Hypnotherapy diploma.


Tim Thornton

"I highly recommend EMI Training for all Hypnotherapists/NLP’ers. This is the course that will give you the tools and methods that are never covered elsewhere."

Tim Thornton

Diane Rooker

"I have worked as a counsellor for many years with a number of modalities and at times and at times some of these techniques were limiting in finding a final resolution for the client. EMI goes directly  to the core of the issue, works within it on many levels to create a new neural pathway. Absolutely fantastic. The EMI process is quick and effective."

Diane Rooker

Choose your learning pathway from the following options:

Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing Training weaves threads from both past and present-day therapies, neuroscience and epigenetics to form a dual, adaptable modality that reaches into the human spirit to heal and renew. Yildiz is the founder of Rapid Core Healing (RCH) and Emotional Mind Integration

RCH takes an integrated, holistic approach to human experience, drawing from both the individual experience and systemic roots of who you are. As the name implies, the depth and scope of the RCH process, enables clients to resolve conflicts, blocks, emotional and relational issues deeply and rapidly.

Through my work with people since the year 2000, I have found that self-esteem and resilience are fundamental to our ability to create a fulfilling life.

My question to myself as I worked with my clients is and was,
What is it that holds us back from realising our potential?

The next vital question is, what is required to release and allow that potential to flourish?

Attempting to answer these questions and source the most effective ways to work with people who are ready for change led to the creation of new ways of working.

The approach Rapid Core Healing is a combination of many aspects of psychotherapies, coaching, hypnotherapies and systemic approaches from the past, infused with neuroscience and epigenetics and present day innovation in taking theory into practice in assisting people with shifts and breakthroughs rapidly. Requiring only a few sessions.

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

Emotional Mind Integration training is a complete neuro-trance psychotherapy (applied neuroscience) with its own unique philosophy, theory, process and techniques. EMI philosophy is greatly influenced by Constellation philosophy and a range of other proven and compatible modalities.

EMI locates and resolves the roots of human emotional disturbances and mind-sets to leave you free to fulfil your potential. It achieves extraordinary results through bringing you into a meditative trance state to enable you to work with the neural pathway in the EMI process for accurate and fast resolutions.

EMI acknowledges our need for love, connection, safety, justice, dignity and autonomy as a foundation for wellbeing, which when absent leads to dis-ease.

Due to the depth of intervention, EMI facilitates the resolution of upsets, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, as well as helps break habits, including the underlying dynamics of addiction in as little as 3-5 sessions for more than 90% of people.

It achieves so much because EMI locates the source in the clients neural pathway, then guides them through a unique self-healing journey. Clients then release deep emotional upsets, break unwanted habits and gain more freedom to design their lives with more joy.

“Your Mind is the storehouse from which you create your life. You need to make sure its clear, healthy and balanced to live the life you want to live with joy.”

~ Yildiz

Family Constellations

“We already have the inner tools to unlock our core limitations. All that is needed is a pathway for release and growth.”

~ Yildiz

Systemic Constellations

Family Constellations Training is systemic psychotherapy that is deep, experiential, brief and profound. Bert dillinger is the founder of Family Constellations. The Constellations process is a powerful way to tap into what holds people back from reaching their potential in terms of relationships, success and wellness. This is a methodology for coaches, personal development and psychotherapists and those who want to enter this profession in helping people to be the best that they can be.

Becoming a Constellations facilitator provides you with the leading edge knowledge and skills to enable you to deliver powerful results to your customers or clients.

Family Constellationswas founded in the 1990’s by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, family therapist and former Catholic priest.

Since the launch of his first book, “Acknowledging What is,” more than twenty years ago Bert’s unique method of working with the energy in family systems has spread throughout Europe, America and Asia and more recently Australia.

The Family Constellation process reveals the family dynamics that lie in your unconscious, affecting your emotional state, self-esteem, habits and behaviours. It’s an experiential process that facilitates acceptance for what is, gratitude for what we have and love of ourselves and others.

The process enables deep understanding and a completion of relationships both within and without our family circle. It goes beyond conversation to utilise body sensing and energetics to reach the hidden dynamics of our issues, relationships and emotional entanglements.

Business Constellations

Systemic Business Constellations

Business Constellations Training taps into the source of business effectiveness through revealing the underlying dynamics between the people working at all levels of a company or in a small business.

Business Constellations may focus on the organisation of a business or the what we as people are creating due to our family system in our role and in our business.

Business owners, managers, consultants, HR staff and employees are increasingly faced with challenges of every kind within their organizations.

Unfortunately, modern systems often leave out some fundamental dynamics that need to be addressed if the people working in them are to feel cooperative and appreciated. Business Constellations can quickly uncover and resolve problems with in the workplace between employers and employees.

Through identifying the dynamics and source of the issues, Business Constellations helps clients uncover and resolve deeply embedded conflicts in as little as one session. It’s fast because it enables you to look objectively at what’s happening to clarify the issues and see what is driving those around you.


“I was surprised by how fast and accurate it was. Try it, you’ll be amazed.”


Business constellations may be used in three main areas.

  1. To assist in clearing generational patternsof sabotage or struggle.
  2. For small or new buinesses.
  3. For larger organisations

The process focuses on organizational structures, what is working, where the blocks are and what can be done about them. It also clears those personal blocks to success that hold us back.
Reaffirm my balance in life Testemnial

“Balance in life is paramount to me and for the last 6 months I have found that my business interests were impacting my headspace, family time and life in general. Business Constellations helped me:

  • Clarify the roles, position and fit of each individual business within my group
  • Connect with each business in a personal way and being able to express mine and the business’s points of view.
  • Connect with business partners, and giving me the insight to reconnect with individuals and reorganise my business in a better way.
  • I was able to clarify how to move forward with each business individually and as a group.
  • This made me feel great and positive about myself, my businesses, business partners and the direction we as a business are headed.”

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