Stardust on the Spiritual Path


More than a book, it could be considered a course on ancient and modern philosophies in relation to our life pathway based on Vedic astrology, the law of Karma, personal development (family constellations) and free will… (continue reading below)

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“At this time in our evolution, we as humankind may be mature enough to look at knowledge with a wider view, to find those areas of overlap and congruency, from which we can create a more holistic meaning.”


Stardust introduces Indian philosophy, karma, reincarnation, environmental science and different therapeutic approaches as ways of viewing the soul’s journey as stardust through the many lives of a character called Surya.

It is divided into three sections involving the soul journey as stardust. Starting with reincarnation and karma, as seen through the cosmic map of Vedic Astrology, tracing the soul’s progression through many experiences. This is a thread that continues throughout the book.

The next section focuses on relationships and family karma, primarily through the philosophy and practice of Family Constellations.

The final section explores the path towards liberation and the process of freeing up perceptions and raising consciousness.

Yildiz presents aspects of Eastern philosophy, Western psychology and life experience as a means of self-help and personal development in raising consciousness.

Included are insights from Yildiz’s own life journey as she too, is on her path.

This is an uplifting book for those who are ready for a unique exploration of what it is to be embarking on this path at this time in our history.

“I recommend Stardust on the Spiritual Path, as a wonderful guide that may save you endlessly repeating karmic lessons via understanding what type of karma you are working through, and move beyond such. Sethi also explains about positive karma and free will. You will find many spiritual gems gleaming from this book.”

“In Stardust on the Spiritual Path Yildiz Sethi introduces the reader to concepts beyond the realm of known possibility. In every case she supports her claims and ideas with sufficient evidence to open the readers mind to the validity of these new possibilities. This is a profound and settling read.”

Nonie Malone

“Yildiz Sethi writes her story of Surya,” us” in the modern world, and offers a wealth of information on choices of perception.”

“More than a book, it could be considered a course on ancient and modern philosophies in relation to our life pathway based on Vedic astrology, the law of Karma, personal development and free will.”

“Precise explanations on karma that will set you free! You will find many spiritual gems gleaming from this book.”

Sarah Sheik

“Stardust makes the information easier to explore, allowing us to develop a broader picture of what and who we are and how the various influences in relation to these area of our lives and can be understood and better managed. Defining the work in this manner creates a huge font of wisdom to draw from in relation to life’s journey which will provide information to clarify some of the many reasons why we are here, as well as enabling us to become more conscious of how we choose to live out our chosen pathway.”

“For those who wish to understand fully this fascinating perspective, Sethi has provided a phenomenal amount of information covering every aspect of our soul journey, the decisions we make, the consequences of our actions and the effects this can or may have on our lives.”

“I enjoyed reading Yildiz’s book. I know that I will read it again. The book has a nice blend of different ways of seeing the world and our place within it. Somehow it all works well together.”

Mrs Willardpameijer

“This fascinating book truly takes you on a journey of discovery and is not to be missed by Anyone curious about life – where you have come from – where you are now – and where you are going. A wise woman indeed, Yildiz’s grounded account of life’s mysteries is incredibly profound and thought provoking.”

Heather Price

“Stardust on the Spiritual Path delves deep into the real reason why we are here, that we are first and foremost from the stars, incarnating into a physical body in the physical realm. Until one comprehends this wisdom, I think the true meaning of life will elude one.”

“This work is not for the fainthearted as it relates to how and why we are here on this earth and the materialization that has been instrumental in our being here in the first place.”

“Yildiz offers a broad integration of life, spirituality, human behaviour and thought. I have truly enjoyed and absorbed Yildiz insights. A deeply thought provoking and interesting book.”

Rhonda Frances COLES

“Her training as a Vedic astrologer, counsellor, teacher and facilitator of Family Constellations, allows for a great depth of understanding and analysis of relationships and the individual’s journey through life. The discussions on the relevance and principles of Family Constellations are easy to read and understand and I found the details about Vedic astrology fascinating and am inspired to have my own chart done. I recommend this book for all those on the spiritual journey.”

“The manner in which Sethi explains this gets straight to the core of such, without having to excavate reams of flowery spiritual material and becoming bogged down to the point of turning away – or needing to take extensive time out to study the material. I have spent considerable time studying deep spiritual texts, but eventually the answer is simple and profound at the same time.”

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