Rapid Core Healing (RCH)


A book that reveals pathways to healing that could provide deeper healing and resolutions for brief, solution focused, experiential modalities. The approach Rapid Core Healing is presented as a more effective responses to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and relationships issues… (continue reading below)

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Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing::Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration: For personal and systemic health. (2016)

This book presents a dual psychotherapeutic approach for working holistically in a new and innovative way.

Yildiz Sethi’s background started in teaching science and progressed to becoming a psychotherapist and educator of counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches. She then combined that with spiritual and more holistic healing practices to create pioneering new modalities of psychotherapy to address the next step of growth in this area.

Rapid Core Healing (RCH) is a dual modality consisting of Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Family Constellations (FC) that works with the personal conflicts people face in life and systemic (family of origin) issues simultaneously.

Whether you are a professional such as a coach, counsellor, hypnotherapist, social worker, psychologist, or natural therapists, or interested in your own personal journey, this book will open up a miraculous exploration and deep transformation.

The RCH (pronounced rich) presents a remarkably fast approach to mental health and wellness issues. RCH requires an average of only 3-5 sessions for satisfactory resolutions for most client issues (excluding those with serious mental health DSM5 diagnoses). RCH is suitable to assist people who experience depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sexual abuse, trauma, and relationship issues or those who wish to be therapists in these areas. This includes couple’s and family relationships.

Sethi presents theory and practice for her approaches through transcripts of case studies with analyses of Rapid Core Healing, Emotional Mind Integration, and Family Constellations throughout the book.

Sethi takes us on an exploration, assessment and critique of current research processes and the medical model of mental health. She particularly critiques the ‘evidence-based’ statement that advocates of CBT claim for their approach. RCH is a brief, experiential, and solution focused psychotherapy that is an effective and drug free way of dealing with the relational and personal aspects of being human.

Rapid Core Healing is a revolutionary way of addressing mental health and personal development in a way that is in tune with the resilience of the human spirit and a way forward for the twenty first millennia.


“The content of Yildiz’s book is interesting, informative and thorough from a psychotherapy perspective; it provides a deeper insight into the world of psychotherapy. As an educational book for therapists needing further education, I whole-heartedly recommend this book.

The use of case studies highlighted the benefits of RCH and EMI and also the foundation of using FC and was an easy and thought provoking manner in which to present information – it was an easy and useful way to understand how the processes have been used successfully.

I truly enjoyed the opportunity of reading the book and appreciated the succinct and in-depth writing skills.”

Rona Spicer

Yildiz Sethi has created a comprehensive, constructive and sometimes challenging book.

I commend this book as an entrée in a potential addition to your armoury.

Every page turned gave me a clear and deeper insight into the philosophies and practicalities behind RCH and the many ways it can be applied in the healing of clients.

Yildiz has left no stone unturned in her research. She delves into the history of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Family Constellations and other associated modalities; linking the past with present developments. She systematically details case studies, giving the reader a ready understanding of how RCH could be applied with clients. As a reader and Clinical Hypnotherapist I found myself challenged at times as some of Yildiz’s methods were outside of my preferred scope. Yet I remained intrigued and stimulated.

Are you happy for me to put this up?

Brett Cameron

“In this book, Yildiz offers up her insight, experience and deep understanding of both the human condition and mind/body connection to wellness. She has used these to create a model that makes a lot of sense in a world where alternative methods of dealing with client needs is required.

The book presents a guide to the transformative process available for clients, with the use of the ‘Rapid Core Healing’ model. Yildiz offers up some important information that every practitioner should know and understand when working with trauma and it’s refreshing and encouraging to read a book that provides insights into a working model that can support effective, non traumatic interventions.

The book is written in a clear and concise manner, and the many and varied case studies support the outcomes that Yildiz has experienced using this model. I highly recommend this book for all practitioners who have a desire to offer clients a non-intrusive, transformational process that can expedite permanent change.

Thank you Yildiz, for this valuable contribution to the world of counselling.”

Cheryl Smith

“I am very glad I read Yildiz’s book. It reaffirmed some concepts for me but more importantly, it presented new ones. It enriched my knowledge and gave me a good map on the different Psychotherapy treatments available today.

The introduction of Rapid Core Healing through her experiences and knowledge, grabbed my attention from the first paragraph and I think this is a must-read book for whoever is interested in this field.”

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