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Be Rich AND Spiritual


This is a unique book that explores the psychological, scientific and mystical aspects of how we create our reality… (continue reading below)

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This book gives a fuller perspective of our creative potential and how to utilise it in being both rich and spiritual. It addresses the growing level of frustration, disappointment and confusion over people’s engagement with the idea espoused by the movement surrounding the Law of Attraction and The Secret. It not only shows what “The Law of Attraction and The Secret” didn’t tell us but also gives the theory and practice of how we create our reality.

Yildiz incorporates proven wisdoms and spiritual knowledge of the past with the latest innovations in personal development and understanding of the way our mind works. She explores aspects of the conscious and unconscious mind and how we create blocks to our own success and joy. In doing so, she gives readers access to resolving and eliminating those blocks to create a happier and healthier, more successful life.

Be Rich AND Spiritual enables us to gain a deeper understanding of human beings and our potential. Yildiz explores human spirituality from a broad view from which you may draw on to formulation your own philosophy and perspective. In doing so, you’ll gain a deeper connection to your inner power.

This book delivers grounded philosophy with a series of exercises for goal formation and achievement.

We are already creating our reality, often this is chaotic. Use this book to find out how you can create consciously to become rich and spiritual, if you choose.