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Private Health Fund Rebates with Yildiz

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Private Health fund rebates with Yildiz

As a registered counsellor with PACFA (Psychotherapist and counselling Federation of Australia) and Hypnotherapist registered with ASCH (Australian Society Clinical Hypnotherapist) Yildiz offers a range of private health fund rebates..

Yildiz has a Master of counselling and is a clinical diploma in hypnotherapy

As a registered counsellor/psychotherapist and hypnotherapist I cannnot offer Medicare rebates. If you wish to recieve this please go to your GP for a referral to a registered psychologist.

For Private fund rebates you generally have to hold top hospital cover. Please check with your provider waht you are allowed ot claim with a registered counsellor or hypnotherapist.

Health fund for the Service Hypnotherapy

Australian Unity
Grand United Corporate Health
Medibank Private
Health Care insurance part of ARHG
Health Partners
Medibank private
Navy health (part of ARHG)
Nurses and midwives health
Phoenix Health Fund
Teachers Health fund- (Part of ARHG)

 Health fund for the Service- counselling -psychotherapy



Police Health


Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG) include:

Police Health


St lukes Health (ARHG)




Westfund (ARHG)


Emergency Services Health (ARHG)


Pheonix Health (ARHG)


CUA Health (ARHG)


Teachers Union Health (ARHG)


Medibank Private



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