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Life is complex, and we all want to be happy.
So what gets in the way?
Choices, conflicts, blocks, fears and relationships.
Over the last twenty years of working with people, I know we each have a deep well of wisdom.
When you are connected with it, it guides you.
Change can happen quickly.
All that is required is your readiness.

What’s different about what Yildiz offers in personal sessions, in-person or online.

She is at the leading edge of innovation in Mind Science and has pioneered ways to work that are applied neuroscience for deep inner changes quickly for those who are ready to move on.

Personal sessions and packages

Yildiz offers personal sessions and packages in Rapid Core Healing for individuals, couples.

For mental health, trauma recovery, relationships, personal development and success.

Rapid Core Healing is composed of Systemic Family Constellations for the systemic part of your problem and Emotional Mind Integration for the personal component of the problem.
This provides a holistic and deep approach.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

~ Albert Einstein


The sessions with Yildiz have been profound and yet so gentle



This was truly a great training in so many respects. It has really clarified and refined my approach to helping people and I was able to take it straight into my practice and the opportunity to do my own constellations was invaluable. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fresh approach.



This course changed me through my constellations. The experiential teaching style was really great - so easy to grasp often complex concepts. I also really appreciate Yildiz’s teaching style.



Yildiz is a grounded and skilled facilitator guiding the Constellations with wisdom, sensitivity and clear boundaries creating a sense of safety that enables deep processing to unfold. I found it to be a profound experience touching into deep & lifelong soul pain.



I am both gob smacked by the power of Family Constellations and at the same time jumping with inner joy. As I left our session I drove down the road realising my eyes had changed and with that my view on life is and will continue to also change. So many things about life are starting to make much more sense on all levels, it’s like a missing link. Many thanks



Love truly is the basis of this wonderful process. Family Constellations was an intense experience and it was a revelation watching, and being part of, the constellations of others.



This was truly a great training in so many respects. It really clarified and refined my approach to helping people and I was able to take it straight into my practice. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fresh approach.



My ability to have relations has been seriously impaired since my sexual abuse. I can’t believe that just a few sessions of EMI and Rapid Core Healing I am so relaxed and optimistic about finding a more sustaining relationship. I leave with alight heart.


Susan Bowes

By the end of the session, I felt an incredible weight lifted from my shoulders and didn’t feel the guilt was from me.  I felt absolutely amazing and have told many others about the effect your session had on me.

Susan Bowes


I had a pattern of destroying all close relationships. With Yildiz’s unique way of working I feel much more at peace and have entered a new relationship and am enjoying the closeness. This is a ne experience for me but I don’t have that needs to run away any more. I am deeply grateful.


See the range of personal development and relationship help available

I Offer The Following:

Emotional Mind Integration Applied Neuroscience

This is a new cutting-edge neuro-trance psychotherapy that goes beyond regular hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and counselling. Applied neuroscience clearing a neural pathway each session to resolve conflicts, disturbances and personal traumas of all kinds. It works with those areas of the mind that cant be accessed by discussion, counselling or changed by strategies. Normally 3-5 sessions are required for most issues. Suitable for depression, anxiety, panic, recovery form trauma including sexual abuse and PTSD. Yildiz is the founder of Emotional Mind Integration. Contact me if you want to know if this is suitable for you.

Rapid Core Healing

Rapid Core Healing is a cutting edge way of looking at any personal issue or relationship from both a systemic and individual perspective in one modality. The value of this is the depth and thoroughness in working with both the unconscious and systemic mind together for profound change and growth. Rapid Core Healing is experiential and not only bridges the gap between counselling a coaching but also goes way beyond in being solution focused and requires as little as 3-5 sessions for most people. Yildiz is the founder of Rapid Core Healing.

Business Constellations

Reveals the underlying dynamics that you carry with you into your environment and how they affect your performance. You’ll then be able to find your best solutions in improving your professional circumstances.

Systemic Family Constellations

This is a powerful personal development process that locates and assists you in resolving the systemic influences from your family system and also provides unique pathways for you to become free. These have an impact on your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. This includes relationships, self esteem, sabotage patterns and much more. Family Constellations may take place in private sessions in person online or in workshops.

Rapid Core Healing Couples Therapy

Deeply life-changing for couples seeking healing and reconnection. Resolve conflicts, change mindsets and improve your relationships to build a new future together. Choose from a range of packages.

New Paradigm- Personal Growth  session

A unique approach that facilitates deep inner growth. Yildiz’s work enhances self knowledge and acceptance. Love and growth then naturally arise.

Empowering you to Success session package

Empowerment, Growth, Remove Blocks and Transformation to Success. – A  Package with Yildiz

This is for those of you that are really ready to put your life on track. Create new patterns, beliefs and what you really want in terms of goals, relationships and personal fulfilment.

Realise your dreams through personal development, growth and transformation.

Spiritual Growth

To awaken or enhance your spiritual path is probably your most intimate journey. But, to be a whole human being it is necessary to be aware of the mind, body and spiritual connection. To raise your awareness of your spiritual purpose and path you may be interested in my Vedic Astrology course for personal growth and spirituality.

All personal sessions are available in person Brisbane Australia or zoom.