Personal Growth

Life itself is our biggest personal growth tool. We do what we can and yet situations and people unfold and we have to respond, go through new experiences and then we are left with making sense of it all.

This is normal and natural.

On top of that are the crossroads we come to at particular points in life, choosing a career, relationships, separations and loss and moving onto a new phase of life or making a choice about which direction to follow. You are in charge of your life and what you create in it so those crossroads are milestones in your life.

Yildiz offers you 3 session packages with her to unravel where you are and what is your present focus as you collect yourself for the next phase of your life. This is a unique and special service that is focused on you and your needs and your purpose and is designed to assist you in unfolding your deepest purpose and assist you in coming into alignment with it.


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