Personal Development Family Constellations Workshops

A Personal Development Family Constellations Workshops is a systemic approach that can show you what you already know, but don’t know you know. Your blind spots and your unconscious patterning and also solutions.
Perfect for relationships, Wellness or Success

Personal Development Family Constellations Workshops are available in workshops, personal or online zoom sessions.

The Personal Development Family Constellations Workshops

is a highly experiential, solution-focused exploration of an issue in the context of your family system.  This helps you to rapidly release previously entrenched blocks and patterns.
In a Personal Development Family Constellations Workshops you can look at your situation through representatives to show you the underlying dynamic and solution pathways. This is a powerful transformative process for raising awareness, changing perspective and releasing emotions. The process is brief and powerful.

Systemic Constellations go beyond traditional therapeutic approaches in being able to facilitate powerful changes in a brief and experiential process.

Constellations processes and techniques tap into the heart of the problem. This includes issues of self esteem and relationships, finding and fulfilling potential nada the underlying dynamics of wellness, (physical and mental health.

From a Constellation perspective

we are each a product of all that has gone before us in our family system and much of this is valuable and rich. However we also carry patterns and feelings that cause unconscious entanglements and blocks that have an effect on how we live in terms of how we feel about ourselves and connect with others. Hence these patterns appear in relationships, parenting, our work and wellness situations.

It’s because we’re individuals, but also social beings, with deep connections and emotional, cognitive and behavioural patterns imprinted by our family system and previous generations. While most of those imprints are helpful and positive, others may hold us back from fulfilling our potential.

Family Constellations give more than just fresh insights into your situation. The process unravels the hidden entanglements at the core of your issues, leaving you free and empowered to move forward.

Yildiz does this in a gentle and respectful way

A deeply experiential process

A Family Constellations workshop begins with a group of people coming together in a circle to form a sacred, safe space. Taking turns to explore their issues, participants use other people within the group to represent their family members or others included in the dynamic.

The representatives are placed spatially in relation to each other, according to the client’s inner image.

Once placed, the facilitator and the representatives are guided by the energetic field that naturally develops. The facilitator enables the energy of the field to be expressed and released, revealing what it has to show.

The client watches

As the client observes the process from within the circle they experience new perspectives and emotional shifts. These dissipate through the representatives in the field as they ripple through the mind, body and soul of the client and greater body of the family soul in finding a resolution and a healthier order.

The system finds a new equilibrium, by allowing the client to reconnect to the flow of love flowing through the generations.

The depth at which we work at leads to extremely swift insights and resolutions. The effects of a constellation are often felt for months or longer after the process, as new perspectives continue fall into place for the client.

Family Constellations can be used to:

  • Improve relationships
  • Help you find greater clarity and peace
  • Increase self esteem
  • Stop disruptive patterns in relationships
  • Resolve parenting blocks or concerns
  • Improve work performance
  • Clear blocks to success
  • Release trauma
  • Improve health

I have just completed my second Family Constellation with Yildiz and I found it to be a profound experience touching into deep & lifelong soul pain. It feels like a huge relief of something releasing and opening into possibility lifting very old sadness.

I am both gob smacked by the power of Family Constellations and at the same time jumping with inner joy. As I left our session I drove down the road realising my eyes had changed and with that my view on life is and will continue to also change.

So many things about life are starting to make much more sense on all levels, it’s like a missing link. Many thanks


Lifelong issues are no longer affecting me, and I’m attracting good things into my life now instead of more problems and difficulties. It’s been amazing, with virtually instant results after only 1 session. Leaves long drawn-out therapy for dead. I am very grateful to Yildiz and Satish. They are both intuitive, gentle, genuine and caring people. Many, many thanks.

Margo Courtney

Love truly is the basis of this wonderful process. Family Constellations was an intense experience and it was a revelation watching, and being part of, the constellations of others.


Yildiz is a grounded and skilled facilitator guiding the Constellations with wisdom, sensitivity and clear boundaries creating a sense of safety that enables deep processing to unfold. I found it to be a profound experience touching into deep & lifelong soul pain.

Mandy – Psychologist

This course changed me through my constellations. The experiential teaching style was really great – so easy to grasp often complex concepts. I also really appreciate Yildiz’s teaching style.


I am now 75 and until four years ago I struggled with excessive weight all my life.  I was always on a diet, I would lose weight then put it on again.  I decided to participate in a Family Constellation Workshop focusing on my life long issue of weight gain.   That workshop was a few years ago and I am pleased to say that I have taken off 41 kilograms and maintained that loss up till now.  All pain in my body has gone, I have lots of energy and at 75, feel like I am 50.   I believe that the constellation work was a great support in that process.

Pat Quinn

I felt like a lot of deep seated things shifted. I strongly recommend anyone who is struggling with a difficult personal situation to have their constellation done. It is relatively little time and money in exchange for huge potential rewards.


My Family Constellations experience was truly life-changing. I was so surprised that such a gentle technique could create such wonderful changes throughout my thoughts and feelings. Amazingly, I am also experiencing the healing of a disease I have been suffering from for several years. All the symptoms are disappearing, and I have completely stopped taking anti-inflammatory medication. I have become very enthusiastic about getting out more, and living a full, pain-free life!


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