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Life itself is our biggest Personal Development tool. We do what we can and yet situations and people unfold and we have to respond, go through new experiences. Then we are left with the task of making sense of it all. Yildiz can help you with your personal development, mentoring and spiritual growth.

Personal Development

This is normal and natural.

On top of that are the crossroads we come to at particular points in life, choosing a career, relationships, separations and loss and moving onto a new phase of life. You having to making a choice about which direction to follow. You are in charge of your life and what you create in it. These crossroads are milestones in your life. Your spiritual path. Sometimes you need help in making a sense of it all. This is where mentoring with Yildiz comes in.


Yildiz uses Family Constellations, EMI and other tools to empower you – resulting in you be able to be the best you can. Aligns your goals with your your life path. Helping to define your life purpose and ambitions.

How well and how healthily we are put together on the inside has an impact. This inner powerhouse that we create is how we project ourselves into the world.

Spiritual Development

Yildiz helps you to find your inner self to allow yourself to go forward. The personal development and spiritual growth can go hand in hand.

With Family Constellations you can locate the underlying systemic loyalties, blind spots and entanglements in your health, wellbeing and assist clients in making new choices if they wish. The removal of entanglements allows you to move forward.

Personal Development, Mentoring and Spiritual Development with Yildiz

Yildiz offers you 3 session packages with her to unravel where you are. What is your present focus as you collect yourself for the next phase of your life.

This is a unique and special service that is focused on you. Yildiz helps you to find your needs and your purpose.

The program is designed to assist you in unfolding your deepest purpose and assisting you in coming into alignment with it.

Personal development is about the inner journey of discovering who you are and setting yourself free to grow in which ever direction is yours. Ultimately finding freedom and happiness.

Family Constellations is a powerful alternative to coaching and personal development. The perfect approach for resolving deeper issues, patterns and relationships that come from your family system.

Personal Development, Mentoring and Spiritual issues

If you have done lots of Personal Development / Spiritual / Mentoring and still find that you:

  • keep attracting the wrong partners into your life or are not attracting partners
  • can’t sustain relationships
  • are finding it hard to fulfil your role as partner or parent
  • find yourself stuck and failing to get ahead
  • can’t fulfil your potential in your career
  • have a deep sense of disconnection
  • feel that nothing can shift the way you feel. You feel that nothing can help as you may have tried lots of things with no success

Family Constellations may assist you in moving on to a better place within.