Family Constellations Course

Family Constellations Course – Testimonial:


“This has been a truly incredible experience.

Certainly, I questioned myself how effective Family Constellations could be taught in an online forum, but I was amazed by the results.

Yildiz has an incredible ability to hold the space (regardless of time difference and distance) and demonstrated complete professionalism. The pace of learning kept the group enthused and hungry for more.

The experiential sessions were also effectively facilitated. It is wonderful to be taught by someone with such a wealth of experience and an openness to teach others with such integrity for the work.”

  • Sam


Family Constellations Course

The training and learning with Yildiz includes a significant amount of personal development as well as  professional development. Yildiz knows that we must look after ourselves in the best way possible in order to help others.

Systemic Family Constellations Course/Training Outline with Yildiz Sethi.

1 Introduction
2 Personal Development
3 Energy. Legal and ethical
4 Orders of Love 1
5 Orders of Love 2
6 Transforming Blind Love
7 Perpetrator/victim- systemic sexual abuse/ trauma
8 Consciousness/Guilt & Innocence
9 Original and present family group process. Private practice in 4 formats
10 Mind Science
11 Completion


Family Constellations course outline

FC Course Outline PDF copy 4

Doing your own process will help to understand:

  • how your clients feel and the support they require
  • make you aware of your blind spots
  • clear your own issues so that they don’t trigger you
  • how to approach the issue with more clarity and authenticity.
  • etc.

Family Constellations Course –

Why do this course:

    • Accelerated practitioner training in 12 weeks
    • Taught and developed by an experienced educator, former teacher and adult educator ACAP
    • Structured training with the focus on putting Hellinger theory with more than 17 years of Yildiz’s constellation experience into practice
    • Profound Personal development, explore your own family with constellations
    • Practice in family constellations facilitation
    • Practice in family constellations private sessions and groups, in persona nd online.
    • Course has been refined and taught since 2008
    • Fully Online training with a live online experiential component
    • Constellations for humankind regardless of culture or religion
    • Further training in form of Advanced courses available
    • Supervision available after course completion
    • Be able to get indemnity insurance for Family Constellations
    • Learn how to do Family Constellations online
    • Apply to get on “trained by us” page

NEXT Online Systemic Family Constellations Training:

28/03-13/06/22       12 weeks

with an online experiential component
5 days- 23-27/05 2022

9.30am-4.30pm Qld Australian AEST timezone

*Payment plans available


There is training available on:

  • Advanced Family Constellations
  • Emotional Mind Integration
  • Rapid Core Shift

“Thank you for this amazing Family Constellation Online training.

Your level of experience and integrity has been a true blessing. I am delighted that everything we did in the training has so deeply sunken in and enabled me to work with clients calmly and competently. It has truly been a wonderful gift.”


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