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Emotional Mind Integration Trauma Informed sessions & Training (EMI)

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Emotional Mind Integration Trauma Informed sessions & Training (EMI)

PTSD and sexual abuse Trauma recovery

What is Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)?

EMI is a new and powerful way founded by Yildiz of resolving the cause of mental health (depression, anxiety and panic attacks), triggers, emotional healing and trauma, PTSD therapy and sexual abuse recovery in only a few sessions.

Why is there need for a new approach?

Yildiz found as a master of counselling and a clinical registered Hypnotherapist she didn’t have the knowledge and skills to help people make the changes and healings they required. Through many years with her clients she developed way of working that really made a difference. This is Emotional Mind Integration specifically for the disturbances, triggers and trauma recovery.

How many sessions of EMI will I need?

Most complex issues including trauma recovery require only a few sessions.

Emotional Mind integration sessions are available to everyone. In person if  you  live locally and Im available or online

What People are saying

‘ I noticed a really profound shift shortly after the session finished and woke up feeling truly happy and excited for life for the first time in quite a while- thank you so much’.


Kate Naturopath 2022


“I came to see Yildiz to find out if I could release my extreme anxiety, financial worry and some childhood issues. In my first session with Yildiz, my anxiety completely went, and I have not had it back since. In some later sessions with her, we addressed my financial and childhood issues, and I have since felt nothing other than peace and happiness. Yildiz has done more for me in 5 sessions, than any other professional could in 5 years. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is serious about releasing the past and making wonderful new changes for a better life. You absolutely deserve it! ” Kath 22 years old.

Become a Trauma Informed practitioner in EMI

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) psychotherapy and trauma informed training

Emotional Mind Integration training is a complete neuro-trance psychotherapy (applied neuroscience) with its own unique philosophy, theory, process and techniques. EMI philosophy is greatly influenced by Constellation philosophy and a range of other proven and compatible modalities.

EMI locates and resolves the roots of human emotional disturbances and mind-sets to leave you free to fulfil your potential. It achieves extraordinary results through bringing you into a meditative trance state to enable you to work with the neural pathway in the EMI process for accurate and fast resolutions.

EMI acknowledges our need for love, connection, safety, justice, dignity and autonomy as a foundation for wellbeing, which when absent leads to dis-ease.

Due to the depth of intervention, EMI facilitates the resolution of upsets, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, as well as helps break habits, including the underlying dynamics of addiction in as little as 3-5 sessions for more than 90% of people.

It achieves so much because EMI locates the source in the clients neural pathway, then guides them through a unique self-healing journey. Clients then release deep emotional upsets, break unwanted habits and gain more freedom to design their lives with more joy.

EMI for:

Mental health, depression, anxiety, panic, self-esteeme, sabotage, Trauma PTSD and sexula buse recovery

“Your Mind is the storehouse from which you create your life. You need to make sure its clear, healthy and balanced to live the life you want to live with joy.”

~ Yildiz