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Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

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Emotional Mind Integration (EMI)

Emotional Mind Integration training is a complete neuro-trance psychotherapy (applied neuroscience) with its own unique philosophy, theory, process and techniques. EMI philosophy is greatly influenced by Constellation philosophy and a range of other proven and compatible modalities.

EMI locates and resolves the roots of human emotional disturbances and mind-sets to leave you free to fulfil your potential. It achieves extraordinary results through bringing you into a meditative trance state to enable you to work with the neural pathway in the EMI process for accurate and fast resolutions.

EMI acknowledges our need for love, connection, safety, justice, dignity and autonomy as a foundation for wellbeing, which when absent leads to dis-ease.

Due to the depth of intervention, EMI facilitates the resolution of upsets, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, as well as helps break habits, including the underlying dynamics of addiction in as little as 3-5 sessions for more than 90% of people.

It achieves so much because EMI locates the source in the clients neural pathway, then guides them through a unique self-healing journey. Clients then release deep emotional upsets, break unwanted habits and gain more freedom to design their lives with more joy.

“Your Mind is the storehouse from which you create your life. You need to make sure its clear, healthy and balanced to live the life you want to live with joy.”

~ Yildiz