I visualise a time when disturbances and limitations are resolved once awareness of their existence and how much they are stopping us from being who we are comes to light. Limitations show themselves as disturbances and patterns that we create by our choices and behaviour. For a while we may blame others or circumstances for what we find in our lives, until we realise that we are the only common denominator in our life. They are not happening to us, but we are creating them in one or several areas of life.

There is no doubt that a certain level of maturity, responsibility and genuine humbleness is required to acknowledge such patterns of limitation in ourselves.

LImitations may be quickly resolved once we are ready to let them go. I know it’s possible, as we have the tools right now. No one has to deal with the frustration of our limitations if we can resolve them relatively quickly and thoroughly. That was my commitment that led my development of the Rapid Core Healing (RCH) process.

RCH (pronounced RICH) facilitates self-healing and personal growth through a guided journey to the soul.

By locating the roots of human conflicts and dis-ease through neural pathways and core relational bonds, RCH facilitates discovery and self-healing. It is a complete modality with its own philosophy, theory and practice for the resolution of a wide range of personal and generational issues and trauma.

Ever try to change a destructive behaviour or limiting belief? It takes a lot of work and often doesn’t happen fully because the source is out of sight. At best, you may have noticed you can get to parts of it, but like a hydra, as soon as you resolve one, other parts crop up. This is because the root cause has not been resolved.

I’ve had clients who’ve tried to lose weight, improve their relationships, feel better about themselves, find a better career, make more money or find inner peace.

While we often know what they need to do on one level intellectually or even understand the issues emotionally, simply putting in goals, logic or strategies is not enough. Why is that?

Because its likely to resurface again as behaviour or sabotage unless the root is resolved

We all carry self-imposed limitations that grow out of upsets through our family systems, personal choices and life experiences. If we attempt to solve these issues with logic or behavioural strategies without getting to the root of the problem, we’ll never unravel the patterns or unconscious elements that keep them in place.

Take Jenna for instance. She had been trying to get up the courage to ask for a promotion, but never seemed to take that crucial step. While unhappy where she was, Jenna didn’t have the confidence to go for the next level or find another job.

She felt stuck in a dead-end role.  Affirmations and advice went nowhere as Jenna still played the same disempowering tune in her mind over and over again.

We all do at times. No matter how often we try to stop or tell ourselves we’re okay, if your unconscious mind keeps telling you you’re not, guess what wins.

Those little thoughts in your head that keep ticking over, those moments when you can’t stop yourself from doing what you know you shouldn’t; that, “Why did I?” upset that keeps playing in your mind.

Or, that “Why hasn’t it happen for me yet?” disappointment that you keep reliving. All of these have a root deep within our soul. Find the root and you can make dramatic changes naturally.

That’s at the core of what the RCH process does.

RCH connects you deeply on a soul level to the root of your issues in an experiential process that works with your generational mind to discover a new way forward and quickly.

Because we go to such a deep space in a way that makes it safe to address the issues, most people find that RCH takes them to the very heart of the issues, so they can then dissolve a wide range of personal blocks and issues rapidly in only 3 or 5 sessions for most.

RCH taps into the unconscious and generational mind – both are a treasure trove of wisdom, creativity, insight and innovation to open up new possibilities.

When elicited they create a deep understanding of yourself and others to enable you to find the best resolutions. When you connect to your source, new perspectives can materialise that enable you to move forward with more confidence to create the potential for joy, improved circumstances and better relationships.

Yildiz Sethi is a pioneer, thought leader, educator, facilitator and author. Her book, Rapid Core Healing pathways to growth and emotional healing, is available on Amazon and www.rapidcorehealingbook.com

For more information on Rapid Core Healing:

Contact: yildiz@yildizsethi.com

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