For some reason we are born into this body and mind as a human creature with consciousness on planet earth. We are not given a reason for our existence. We are challenged to find a meaning for being here and how we experience ourselves, others and our world.

Our planet with its complex and synchronistic ecosystems is awe-inspiring and miraculous, so too our place on the planet within the cradle of the solar system and beyond; the cosmos. We have everything here on earth that is inspiring and rich and also painful, ugly and cruel. We have it all in one place. The world, our world and our reality.

In essence we are tiny in the face of the big picture, but what we do have is the power to create our reality in any way we wish. We have vision, through our eyes, but perhaps even more importantly, through our mind. Vision is an innate gift so if we can imagine how we would like to live, regardless of our existing environment, then we have discovered the key to empowerment and creation.

It works like this. Our world is full of everything from the most wonderful to the most depraved. We are blood and flesh beings with a complex mind and a vibrant well of consciousness encompassing our soul. Our mind is loaded with consciousness as well as unconscious repressed and  invisible ancestral materials. A complex mixture of consciousness driven by a strong thirst and hunger for experiences and knowledge.

In going further, we are an open sponge to our environment, relationships and experiences and yet we each create our own perception of how we view reality.  Even people in the same family, carrying similar genes and living in the same environment, create their individual view of their experiences. From this we develop our vision of who we are and how we are going to live in our world.

If this vision is optimistic or adventurous we will envisage and create a very different life path to someone who is fearful or has a poor sense of worth. An optimistic person will always be on the look-out for the situations that provide the possibilities they seek and won’t notice the darker more negative sides of reality, while the fearful person will always be on the look-out for situations that confirm their darker view. Each of these types are focusing on what their inner vision dictates and not seeing other possibilities. What you focus on is what you expend your energy, your life force on, and hence, what you create.

It’s as if the world is a huge soup that separates out into specific layers according to each person’s vision. The layer that they see is all they can see and they are convinced it’s the only layer available and can’t understand how others can see anything else, hence we each create our own reality. The layer each person sees becomes the layer they aspire to create; their life. Lets look at the big soup and decode where we choose to focus. It starts with vision of the mind.

This is key information.

Once you realise what you are doing to yourself, you know you have a choice. The next questions may be, is it possible to change and how?

In choosing to make a change to how you live is empowering as you are taking back  responsibility for yourself.

Many people ponder on further questions

What role does destiny, fate and life purpose play in our lives?

How do we change patterns that are buried in our DNA and are formed through early conditioning?

I discuss these and much more in detail in my book Be Rich AND Spiritual.

Once you understand this, you have a choice to change your life, if that’s what you want.

You are the driver. You can choose to find meaning or not. However, living without meaning often leads to a darker reality resulting in hopeless and depression. The good news is you have a choice. I do realise how difficult it can be to locked into a dark reality.

I have always been fascinated by the big questions in life and spirituality, and curious about what holds us back from realising our potential in being the best that we can be. The fullest human beings we can be in all aspects of life. I discuss this at length in Stardust on the Spiritual Path in looking at destiny, free will and purpose in how to make the most of our time in this mind and body. This is why I have developed a passion for knowledge in Mind Science and Applied Neuroscience and putting it into practice with real people, like you. My passion is to help people where it matters most, at their core; the driver of their vision.This involves self- healing, personal growth, personal development and transformation.  Facilitating the deep psychological, emotional and energetic shifts required to open up their vision and create new perspectives of possibilities and hence direct their lives more consciously; all in a relatively short space of time.

There have been big developments recently in mind research and practice that some are taking on fully, while other practitioners and the public remain where they are, often due to ignorance. Before this period we didn’t know any better, as it was assumed that family patterns, genetic information and conditioning, difficult experiences, disturbed emotions, limiting beliefs and trauma were too vast to change. We thought the brain and trauma couldn’t change or heal. We are fortunate to be at this time in history where we have so much more to utilise in terms of understanding and applied processing that have emerged with the latest findings in neuroscience and epigenetics.

Once you realise that where you are now is largely due to your inner vision of your potential, relationships or life path, you have a choice about continuing as you are or taking back your power, and that includes taking full responsibility for yourself as you navigate your direction.

The good news is neuroscience is showing that it is possible to form new neural pathways and we do so all the time. So if our innate pattern is to look at the negative, it is possible to change it if we want to improve the way we create our reality and experience life. You don’t have to be spiritual to do this. Just look at the facts. You are here now. You can make the most of your life experience or not. It is in your power to change. Its up to you.

With effective help this is possible for a vast proportion of the population. I look forward to a time when such knowledge is commonplace and people are readily able to find effective help when they need it and brief interactions with a practitioner who is equipped to provide effective help is considered a normal part of emotional and psychological development in a life well lived.

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