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Most of us have heard of the Law of Attraction, or at least wondered how we can create what we want in our lives.

On the surface, the Law of Attraction promises that all you need to do is simply be clear and passionate about what you want, have faith and it will come true in an instant. If only that were so!

Manifesting what we want is far more involved than managing our conscious thoughts. It is a complex balance of unconscious, purpose, feelings and beliefs that tap into the deeper recesses of your mind. Only when you have synergy between these forces will you truly be able to consistently manifest your desires.

Of course, simply being positive and taking the right actions will no doubt make a change in your life. It certainly helped me move forward.

I remember a time when I was running a series of negative scripts through my mind while attempting to direct my life in a positive way and wondering why it was so difficult.

This set me on an inner journey of finding gout how to change those inner patterns, find my true purpose and become more congruent. By making these changes my internal energies were all flowing in the same direction. Changing those internal negative scripts, resulted in an improvement in my health, energy and sense of self-worth. My positive mindset enabled me to see opportunities I might have previously missed. My health and energetic levels gave me the ability to take the right actions leading to the results I sought.

“Man is made by his beliefs, as he believes, so he is.” ~ Bhagavad-Gita

This is true, but for All beliefs, both positive and negative. So to create well its important to make sure all your beliefs are pointing in the same direction.

But, that’s not what is understood from the Law of Attraction, as a far deeper process for most of us is required to reap the powerful results we want. But it’s an easy mistake that many people make in attempting to follow the Law of Attraction, Visualize or put up your goals around your home to keep reaffirming where your going.

For instance, Mary came to me seeking help as she struggled to put her life back together after her divorce. She was struggling financially, faced losing her home and seemed to have no way to shift her circumstances.

One day she arrived very excited. After watching the movie, The Secret, Mary decided she was going to move into a new home with an ocean view.

She visualized winning the lottery ticket to be able to pay for it. Mary was so convinced this was possible that she kept visualizing herself in her new home every day. She even started packing her life up, preparing for the move.

Needless to say, she didn’t win and came to her next session deflated. On reflection, Mary learned an important distinction between having a fantasy and understanding her true purpose. On further exploration she discovered that the house was simply a symbol of the financial security she craved.This would free her to pursue her work as an artist.

When she looked deeper, in letting go of that fantasy she was able to plan how she could earn money so that she could use at least some of her time in her art with a realistic plan of how she would gradually shape herself as a successful artist.

Mary was able to see that what she really wanted was a successful, happy life with financial freedom. The house was merely a symbol of that. It was actually social conditioning that pushed her to believe that money and a big house would bring happiness. It was a symbol of success. But, it wasn’t really what she wanted.

Sound familiar?

We all feel some kind of social pressure at some level. To achieve, be rich and successful and show ourselves and others that we’ve “made it”.

Whatever your story is about money, we all have one, and that keeps us from becoming truly rich.

In reality, we often push money away as many of us see it as dirty or evil; or alternatively hold tight to it, scared of losing it.

Whatever your story is about money, we all have one and that keeps us from becoming truly rich.

Being rich and spiritual is actually a function of seven steps that I explore in my book, Be Rich AND Spiritual. They are:

Worthiness – Your self-worth is a major indicator of what you attract into your life.

Imagination – You must be able to imagine possibilities to create them.

Intention – To focus and take action on a goal first requires that you clearly define an intention.

Motivation – Anything worth doing is going to take energy and effort. Your motivation will keep you going past the tough moments.

Courage – if you want to expand your horizons and continue to improve your life you need to give up being comfortable.

Action – Life only changes when you take those steps you know will make it happen.

Gratitude – authentic gratitude for what you have now and what you are creating ensures the flow of abundance.

Each of these steps are critical for activating the deeply hidden, unconscious drivers.

They also keep you aware of the changes you need to make to keep moving forward, as they help you to dispel any thoughts that might sabotage your goals

You have the divine right to live a deeply rich and spiritually fulfilling life. We all do.

By taking these steps you can start to manifest what you want and create the future you desire. It’s not simple, nor is it easy. But it is a worthwhile journey.

This book will take you on your own inner journey of exploration so that you can clarify where you are, where your going and how you are going live your dreams in a grounded and creative way as you step into being Rich AND Spiritual.

Yildiz Sethi is a pioneer, thought leader, educator, facilitator and author. Her book, Be Rich AND Spiritual is available on Amazon and www.yilidzsethi.com

Contact: yildiz@yildizsethi.com


Thank you for an amazing weekend of discovery and healing. I was very impressed with the support, professionalism and friendliness.



Yildiz's is subtle but very strong facilitator and I would trust any story to be explored under her guidance in a safe and supported way. If you're ready for deep work, you're in the right place with her.



I had a pattern of destroying all close relationships. With Yildiz’s unique way of working I feel much more at peace and have entered a new relationship and am enjoying the closeness. This is a ne experience for me but I don’t have that needs to run away any more. I am deeply grateful.



What an amazing experience, so rich with knowledge and insight and such a grounded way to approach helping people at a fundamental level. A great course.


Pat Quinn

I am now 75 and until four years ago I struggled with excessive weight all my life.  I was always on a diet, I would lose weight then put it on again.  I decided to participate in a Family Constellation Workshop focusing on my life long issue of weight gain.   That workshop was a few years ago and I am pleased to say that I have taken off 41 kilograms and maintained that loss up till now.  All pain in my body has gone, I have lots of energy and at 75, feel like I am 50.   I believe that the constellation work was a great support in that process.

Pat Quinn


This was truly a great training in so many respects. It has really clarified and refined my approach to helping people and I was able to take it straight into my practice and the opportunity to do my own constellations was invaluable. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fresh approach.



This course changed me through my constellations. The experiential teaching style was really great - so easy to grasp often complex concepts. I also really appreciate Yildiz’s teaching style.



Love truly is the basis of this wonderful process. Family Constellations was an intense experience and it was a revelation watching, and being part of, the constellations of others.


Susan Bowes

By the end of the session, I felt an incredible weight lifted from my shoulders and didn’t feel the guilt was from me.  I felt absolutely amazing and have told many others about the effect your session had on me.

Susan Bowes


Yildiz is a grounded and skilled facilitator guiding the Constellations with wisdom, sensitivity and clear boundaries creating a sense of safety that enables deep processing to unfold. I found it to be a profound experience touching into deep & lifelong soul pain.