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Growth and Transformation sessions eliminating barriers to living a richer life 3-5 sessions for most & Leading Edge Professional Training, Rapid Core Healing, Emotional Mind Integration Hypnosis, Systemic Constellations for practitioners who want a leading edge. Yildiz is a Thought Leader, Educator, Facilitator, Author.

“I was surprised by how quickly and easily I was able to let go of deeply entrenched emotional issues. Even more miraculous is how naturally I am building on that one session to continue to make positive changes in my life. Yildiz has created an enormously impactful methodology and a safe space to enable me to go to places I never felt comfortable addressing before.”

Private Sessions

Achieve deep shifts in as a little as 3-5 sessions.

Facilitator Training

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Experience deep shifts for yourself in a workshop.

Leading Edge Training for coaches, practitioners and therapists, learn how to create deep mental and emotional shifts to help your clients make profound and lasting changes in just a few sessions!

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Books by Yildiz Sethi

I believe it is everyone’s right and duty to have the best life experience they can have.

My books help you break down the blocks to success, relationships or self-esteem to help you live your best life by making it heaven now.

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