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“Be Free
To Be You…”

~ Yildiz

Empowering with Family Constellations and RCS

It is time for the vast array of human knowledge to come together with neuroscience, epigenetics and present-day psychotherapies. Yildiz brings this knowledge together in providing pathways to self-healing. Yildiz helps clients to remove blocks and ‘dis-ease’ so they can overcome their struggles. The clients become free to be who they are or what they want to be. This includes a healthy self-worth, better relationships and the ability to fulfil their potential. Yildiz uses this and helps her clients by empowering with Family Constellations, EMI, Rapid Core Shift and other tools.

Traditional methods

The traditional methodologies are still stuck in the past. Are not acknowledging the huge strides that have taken place recently in neuroscience and the kaleidoscope of valuable knowledge. Knowledge which is available across many fields on how the mind works and what is required for wellness and freedom.

Yildiz has a variety of modern tools to help you with your issues and challenges.

More Information

Talk therapies date back to Freud in the 1880’s, Gestalt therapies was developed in the 1930’s, Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) in 1960’s, , Carl Rogers counselling in the 1950’s and NLP in 1970’s.

These were all revolutionary in their time and while they did continue to evolve, it is time for a new page in the 2020’s.

Yildiz’s Approach

Yildiz’s contribution to innovations in Mind Science is that there is no doubt that she has stood on the shoulders of giants from the past. This has allowed her to bring forward the vital elements required for an understanding of what is required for wellness.

What goes wrong and how blocks, damaged emotions, unhealthy beliefs and mindsets hold us back.

These can be resolved or transformed with present day Mind-science innovations. Present day modalities fused with neuroscience.

Further, in how they may be resolved or transformed with present day Mind-science innovations fused with neuroscience.

Yildiz uses multifaceted approach

Yildiz’s approaches are safe, multifaceted and applied in an elegant, structured framework for efficiency, self-healing and growth. These approaches come from a philosophy that acknowledges the innate impulse of human beings to strive to be their best selves. This philosophy also acknowledges how we suffer when this is stifled or denied.

With Yildiz you can move to the next level of freedom with Family Constellations and RCS

Private Sessions

Achieve deep shifts in as a little as 3-5 sessions.

Facilitator Training

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Experience deep shifts for yourself in a workshop.

Yildiz provides Leading Edge Training for coaches, practitioners and therapists. Learn how to use Family Constellations, Hypnotherapy and RCS to create deep mental and emotional shifts. Help your clients make profound and lasting changes in just a few sessions!

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I believe it is everyone’s right and duty to have the best life experience they can have.

My books help you break down the blocks to success, relationships or self-esteem to help you live your best life by making it heaven now.

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Why I do what I do  Yildiz Sethi

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Love Heals in Rapid Core Healing Yildiz Sethi

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