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Yildiz Sethi is a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, Family Constellation facilitator and trainer, Vedic astrologer, innovator and author living in Brisbane Australia.

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Yildiz is the founder of two psychotherapies and author of three books. Her latest book is Rapid Core Healing Pathways to growth and emotional healing. (2016). She offers private sessions, workshops, training and books.

Yildiz is the founder of two psychotherapies, a clinical hypnotherapist, Family Constellations facilitator and educator/trainer and author of three books. Her latest book Rapid Core Healing Pathways to growth and emotional healing (2016). Yildiz lives and runs a private practice in Brisbane, Australia, travelling nationally and globally to train clinicians and run workshops for the general public.

Organisations involved in training or growth interested in EMI courses or applications may contact me on yildiz@yildizsethi.com

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Yildiz Sethi was a physics and chemistry teacher prior to a sensitive point in her life when she changed direction. She became a Vedic astrologer and noticed the karmic cycles that people including herself were caught up in. She became interested in how to change those patterns. Yildiz  became fascinated with psychology and how to assist people in making deep inner change from suffering and limitation to more freedom and empowerment. This fascination spurred her on to become a counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Ego State therapist and Family Constellation facilitator and trainer. Since 2005 Yildiz has created an integrated powerful approach to therapy from her studies and experience with clients. She became an author in 2013 and has published three books. Her first book Stardust on the Spiritual Path is a book about transformation of the soul to that of clarity, freedom and happiness. Her second book Be Rich AND Spiritual (2014) is about how to create reality in a positive and conscious way. Her third book is Rapid Core Healing (2016) and gives details of the two psychotherapy modules she has created called Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration.

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Yildiz was born in England and moved to Australia with her small family in the 1980s. She was a teacher for fifteen years

where she loved to inspire children to fulfill their potential and now continues this theme with adults who are ready for growth and development. Yildiz is the innovator of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration, a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and Family Constellations facilitator, trainer and author.

She is passionate about working with people in assisting their psychological healing, personal development and transformation. Her skills and services have evolved through acquiring knowledge and practice that has given her a wide and deep perspective on the mind, emotions and our quest for love as human beings. She offers those who are consciously on a spiritual or personal growth path several avenues to further their healing, growth and personal development.

Coming from a scientific background as a former Physics and Chemistry teacher, Yildiz was introduced to the spiritual science of Vedic astrology. This was a major step in my own personal development and led to a search to find the most effective ways to resolve the deep karmic and psychological patterns that hold us back from reaching our potential.

In studying the karmic patterns that individuals are born into, she became interested in helping herself and others find freedom and growth. To this end she went through a steep learning curve of therapeutic approaches to discover what works in a relatively brief and effective manner.

It has been an important theme for her to find personal development methodologies that are effective.

Yildiz became an author in 2013 when she published Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual(2014) and Rapid Core Healing (2016). Her first and second books were about personal and spiritual development and her third book involves the history and evolution of psychotherapy in light of cutting edge in research neuroscience and epigenetics and the development of RCH.

Yildiz has developed a dual approach methodology called Rapid Core Healing (RCH) that is made up of Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) for speedy resolution of person issues and Family Constellations for systemic issues that she introduces in her latest book Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing: Using the unique dual approach of Family Constellations and Emotional Mind Integration: For personal and systemic health. (2016) RCH is a dual, brief experiential approach that may take place in workshops or private sessions for a wide range of personal and relationship issues including couples therapy, depression, anxiety, panic, trauma, abuse, sexual abuse as well as growth and personal development and fulfilling potential.

Yildiz holds a busy private Rapid Core Healing practice in Brisbane, and holds regular Family Constellations workshops and training in Australia. She remains a Vedic astrologer. Her journey through life has taught her to use both her right and left brain and connections as a human being with universal energy. She continues to be passionate and excited about life.

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  • Master of Applied Social Science (Counselling).
  • Graduate Diploma Counselling.
  • Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • Bachelor of Education.
  • NLP practitioner.
  • Ego State Therapy Certificate.


  • Director of family Constellations Pty Ltd
  • Innovator and trainer of Rapid Core Healing
  • Innovator and trainer of Emotional Mind Integration
  • Family Constellation facilitator and trainer
  • Former Lecturer at (ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology- 8 years)
  • Family Constellation training with many international trainers including Bert Hellinger.
  • Presentator, Speaker
  • Vedic astrologer and teacher

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She strongly believes that many of us are ready for a shift in personal consciousness on our personal development and spiritual journey and to make new links with each other to form a more enlightened society. She is very happy to be involved with personal development at this time to help those who are ready for change in freeing their mind and going beyond limitation.

Lets Go Beyond limitations