The Heart of Success Seminars


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The Heart of Success.

Do you feel blocked or limited in your career, finance or ability to create the life you want to live?
If so this is the course for you.

“A man is made by his beliefs”. Be Rich AND Spiritual quoting the Bhagavadgita.

There is no doubting the power of the mind.

Beliefs like:

  1. You have to work hard for money.
  2. Success is for others.
  3. You don’t deserve to be rich.
  4. There is not enough money to go round

are powerful beliefs that limit potential. You can get rid of such beliefs NOW.

This is an exciting, fun, informative and transformational day to go beyond limitations.
You will receive the skills and understanding to breakthrough any sabotage patterns or limiting beliefs that may be blocking your progress.

The seminar is presented by Yildiz Sethi who is an expert in personal development and the author of two number 1 Amazon personal development books 2014.

Number One best seller Amazon Be Rich AND Spiritual and Stardust on the Spiritual Path Yildiz Sethi

Personal development

Personal development Yildiz Sethi

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Become free of limitations

Clear blockages to success potential and being successful it’s not just about your thoughts and strategies.
It is also about how you Feel and your sense of WORTHINESS.
It is also about being really clear about what you truly want in life.

The Mind Matters

                          The Heart matters 

                                                           The Soul matters.

So often we think that if we are determined enough, we should be able to break through psychological blocks and sometimes we can.

Other times a different approach is required. One that goes to the core block quickly,
effectively and in a solution-focused way, to help you to break through into the next

In this course you will:

  • Improve your relationship with money
  • Tap into your passion.
  • Find out what has been missing from previous Law of Attraction theory AND discover the essential information that you need to know for Success.
  • Receive the core steps to success.
  • Locate personal blocks to success.
  • Receive effective mindfulness and
    mind-shaping tools to help you to the Heart of Success
  • Businessmen

    Clear blocks to succes


The Heart of Success Seminars

Where Surya House 12 Whyenbah St, Hamilton, 4007 Qld

Limited places
Book now  on 0412 172 300 or 07 3161 6171


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