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Family Constellation workshops in Brisbane and Sydney Australia.

In these workshops people may do their own
Family Constellation or Business Constellation or take part as a representative.

Family Constellations is systemic approach that looks at your through your family system. The systemic approach is becoming more popular as it has been found that as we are individuals and also social and are deeply (unconsciously) imprinted by our family system that we are often involved in a deeply emotional and largely unconscious way to our family system. Much of is fine but other aspects may be holding us back from being the people we wish to be and fulfilling our potential.
A Constellation seminar or workshop allows the client to set up their issue with representatives in order to find the underlying dynamics of their situation. This may have its roots in the family system and previous generations. Family Constellations is a solution focused, experiential way of discovering and resolving blocks to relationships, success and wellness. This may be used for all personal issues , relationships, parenting and work or business problems or situations. The use of Family and Business constellations is an ideal personal development tool for modern men and women who are ready for rapid and effective personal growth.

Family Constellations as a group process was brought to the world by the
German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the 1990’s. Hellinger had been a Catholic priest and teacher in Africa in Zululand where he noticed their system of order in
extended families. This consisted of acknowledging each member of the family in
relation to the whole, according to their time of entry (who came first, second…..) and
also the nature of the relationships (e.g. father-son or first child, second child, first wife, second wife) and how these factors appeared to create harmony and respect in family groups. Hellinger took these insights home with him when he left the priesthood
to become a psychotherapist in Germany.

Excerpt from Stardust on the Spiritual Path.
A Family Constellations workshop takes place when a group of people come together to form a sacred space. They sit in a circle with a facilitator in order to take turns to look at their issues by using people from the group to represent those people of their situation, including one representative for themselves. The representatives are placed spatially in relation to each other, according to the client’s inner image. Once placed, the constellation commences and the representatives begin to experience sensations in their body, with the facilitator and the representatives guided by the energetic field that develops. The facilitator enables the energy of the field to be expressed and released, or for the representatives to follow an impulse to move, as the energy field unfolds in revealing what it has to show. The client observes the process from the circle. New perspectives arise and emotions are dissipated through the representatives in the field that ripple through the mind, body and soul of the client and also the greater body of the family soul in finding a resolution and a healthier order. The system finds a new equilibrium, by allowing the client to reconnect to the flow of love flowing through the generations. This is a powerful, experiential, psycho-spiritual process that is a brief intervention in allowing the person to find new perspectives on which to move forward. The effects of a constellation are often felt for months or longer after the process, as new perspectives fall into place for the client.

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Family Constellations Seminars and Training

 Family Constellations. Business Constellations.

On another level she offers Systemic Family Constellations and Systemic Business Constellations as a brief, effective, deep and powerful psych-spiritual process as a compliment or alternative to counselling or coaching in private sessions or workshops and seminars.This is a powerful personal development and personal growth process.  This covers a wide range of personal, relationship, success and wellness issues in not only understanding or awareness, but more importantly in resolution.

Family Constellations or Business Constellations may be done in workshop or seminar setting or in a private session or on Skype.For details of workshops go to the calendar on the Family Constellations site.

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