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Vedic astrology Learn Vedic astrology with Yildiz.

What if your sun sign is not your sun sign?


Yildiz has been teaching Vedic astrology since 2002. She is an experienced astrologer and teacher and personal development facilitator who has has developed and organised this online Vedic astrology correspondence course so that you can learn at their own pace.

She offers introductory courses which may be done in:

The courses offered are:

  1. Introduction to Vedic astrology -12 Lessons ONLINE.
  2. Intermediate Vedic Astrology-10 Lessons.

Students are supplied with their Vedic chart to work on throughout the courses so that they can start the task of understanding themselves first as it is through this that personal development and growth takes place.

Details of Correspondence courses.

These courses are designed for you to do at your own pace. Generally one lesson per week. This is a condensed course that may be repeated with great benefit many times as you will learn something more each time. You will be supplied with your own chart so that you can work through it as you go through the course and start to unravel your own chart.

Vedic astrology training Brisbane.
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Vedic ONE ONLINE Book in now and receive it immediately and also get your own Vedic chart to unravel through out the course along with course material.

Vedic TWO astrology lessons. CDs and hard copy lessons
More details on www.vedicastrology.net.au