Yildiz Has a range of services

For Rapid Core healing

Personal Development

hypnotherapy, NLP

Family Constellations,

Business Constellations

Constellations workshops.

Vedic Astrology. 

Learn Vedic astrology online


Mentoring and Growth

Spiritual Growth

Counselling and hypnotherapy help you to make inner changes or unconscious changes at a deeper level..

For deeper systemic changes coming out of entanglements from your ancestors in a loving and respectful way, Family and Business Constellations is the most helpful. This can release you and your children from any patterns that may be operating. However your children have two parents, so to free both sides, both parents are best to take part. However if the pattern that is effecting your child is coming primarily from you or your family, working with you may be sufficient. I am a relationship and family expert.

Family and Business Constellations are available in private sessions or in Family I am also a vedic astrologer. Astrology is the map of your life. A cosmic map where by you may understand yourself at a deeper level and also your purpose and your relationships, aspirations, gifts and challenges. A Vedic astrology reading is not therapy as such but is a great step in personal and spiritual growth. Growth starts with a deeper understanding of Self. A Vedic astrology consultation simply aids your understanding and helps you tune into your planetary energies for a fuller life experience of now. It also helps in allowing you to see the progress of a life well lived and the choices you make at each crossroad.

If you are ready to do a deep transforming personal development the 6 day intensive in January 2016 may be for you. More details

9 day Family Constellation Training for those who want to become a Family Constellation facilitator. The training is for people who work with people and equips you to work with people in workshops or Private sessions. More details of Family and business Constellation Training

My books are available by kindle amazon or hard copy from me. They are spiritual, personal development books that are designed to explore, inspire and motivate you in growing your own perspectives on yourself and your life experience, relationships and making the most of your life.

They are:

Be Rich AND Spiritual that gives a unique and essential perspectives on the Law of Attraction and how to be successful and Stardust on the Spiritual Path which shows the soul’s development on the spiritual journey thorough many lives and experiences through the cosmic map of Vedic astrology and the psychological transformation of Family Constellations. Both books include an exploration of Family Constellations.Books