Resolve your relationship difficulties

Resolve relationship difficulties

Relationships are what most of us find makes life rich and worthwhile. Relationships re perhaps our biggest and most important personal development experience. There are probably more single people in the world than ever before and while it is possible to be happy as a single person,  many of us would like to be in that special intimate relationship. It requires courage and commitment and personal development to sustain a relationship.

We are both individual and also social in nature and yes it can be a challenge to be fulfilled in both roles. This is a personal development and personal growth challenge. Yildiz offers a range of services for personal development in relationships.

If you would like personal development  to;

  • Improve your intimate relationship.
  • Resolve a repeating pattern  in your relationships.
  •  Get over a break up, separation or divorce.
  • Attract a more appropriate partner.

If you would like personal development to improve ;

  •  your parenting
  • your relationship with your parents
  • your relationship with your children
  • find a healthy place in your family

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You may have a range of personal development services from marriage counselling or couples counselling to Family constellations or packages of personal development services.

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Personal development through Relationships,

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