Family Constellations

Family Constellations and Business Constellations are powerful personal development processes that may take place in group settings or in a private session or by Skype/phone.

Family Constellations

The Constellation Process: What is a Constellation?

A way of looking at any issue by putting out your inner image of the situation through representatives. This shows the underlying dynamics or effects and patterns of your situation. The process shows any influences that you may be caught up in from family patterning perhaps coming from present or previous generations. From here you may be assisted in finding a better place or healthier order with more freedom. This is a powerful systemic person development process.

We are all part of human systems.
Family, love relationships, generations as well as social and work related systems. 
It is true that we are also individuals.
We are both. Part of our systems and also unique individuals.

  • So what can cause us to have a block to relationships or success?
  • What can cause unconscious patterns to form and be sustained?

We are connected to our systems genetically and psychologically. We carry genetic codes and also psychological patterns from our human systems.
In addition we carry sensing bonds from one generation to another.
This is clearly shown in Family Constellation and Business Constellations processes.
The effects may be felt experientially in Family Constellations and Business constellations in seminars, workshops and private sessions and is an effective personal development process..

You are an individual and also part of Human Systems. We at Constellation World understand your duality as a human being.

We all come from and are part of family systems AND we are individuals. It is necessary to take both of these perspectives into account, in considering you as a whole person.

The advent of Family Constellation theory, practice and results, consistently demonstrate that our family system has very strong influences on us, both consciously and unconsciously. These may be with us for life and be passed onto our children unless we can resolve them.

In addition we inherit patterns of behaviour and feelings through our genetic lines, along with free will. This is being demonstrated through the latest findings in epigenetic. The process of Constellations is an effective way of looking at your situation from a systemic view, rather than the purely personal and isolated view, that most counselling or coaching processes tend to adopt. Many therapy and coaching processes consist of many sessions. At Constellation world we believe that change does not necessarily have to take a long time. For many people it make be relatively quick. Human beings already have many resources and many are able to move on in their life with help from time to time to facilitate change. For deeper issues this personal development process may take longer.

The systemic approach of Family Constellations and Business Constellations opens up new perspectives, resolves blocks and shows your possible solutions and relatively quickly.

The founder of Family Constellations is Bert Hellinger.

Family Constellations is a systemic human systems approach that was developed by Bert Hellinger. This process uses body sensing to follow the trail of senses being passed from one generation to the next. These are called systemic entanglements. Entanglements cause restrictions and blockages which are unconscious. These unconscious patterns may lead to sabotaging our relationships, self esteem and also our potential for success.

The new generation of Constellation help

Constellation work is at the leading edge of psychological, therapeutic and the personal development movement.

Family and Business Constellations can greatly assist you in becoming free-er to be the person you really are and to aspire to your dreams.

Family Constellations and Business Constellations are brief, experiential and effective in enabling change for those who are really ready for change.

Emergence of Epigenetics in showing the effects of genetics and environment.

Interestingly the study of a new area of scientific research called Epigenetic is adding to our knowledge of human systems. Epigenetic is showing that genes may not be as ‘hard-wired’ and pre-determined as we once thought. Studies are showing that emotions are a strong factor in regulating genetic expression. How you feel has a big effect on which genes are switched on or off. In addition your environment also has an affect on how each of our body cells function. So our emotions and also our environment are significant factors in our health. This is great news in letting us know that much can be changed.

Family  and Business Constellations show the underlying dynamics of your situation and your possible solutions, so that you may move on in your life once you are ready for change making this a highly effective personal development tool.

The Process.

Is brief. This may be one session or a series of sessions according to your needs. You may choose to have follow-up sessions if you want to for support and integration. Each person is unique.

Is experiential. It is not only a matter of understanding or logic. It is whole body experience. Mind and feeling.

It is not like counselling or coaching. Few words are necessary as we don’t need a long story.

A group of people who often do not know each other prior to the seminar, meet in a circle with a facilitator and take turns to look at their issue through the people of the group acting as representatives for the elements or people in their lives. The client puts out his or her inner image of their situation onto the representatives and sits in the circle as the constellation unfolds and is guided by the Family Constellation facilitator.

Do I need to bring the people of my issue with me?

No. The process is for you to find a better place or resolution. After such a Family or Business Constellation process you will probably be coming from a different place, so any negotiation or communication may be easier. The other people in your situation may be open to doing the process for themselves at some stage. However, it is not recommended that you pursuade or encourage to do a Family Constellation as genuine readiness for explorationa and change is essential for success in the process.

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