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Leadership and Success

Leadership and Success

Personal Development through

  • Success with Business Constellations
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Constellations for Success
  • Stepping into your power as a Business Owner
  • Leadership

Success with Business Constellations

Success is a personal thing. I am interested in helping you create the succcess that you aspire to.
It could be financial, status, relational, feeling really good about yourself, being creative or being the best human being you can be.


  • Are you experiencing blocks to success?
  • Do you find that you sabotage your opportunities?
  • Do you find that you repeat patterns, even though you make great efforts not to?
  • How is your self confidence?

Even though you may have done training or management training or know many strategies and done personal development you may still find that there are some underlying themes that still seem to come up that undermine your goals and achievements.

Even though we are individuals and responsible for ourselves we are also highly influenced by our family of origin. We often carry unresolved feelings and patterns with us through life unless we take the time to discover and resolve them. Luckily Business Constellation is a brief, solution focused, experiential methodology that is effective.

Business Constellations can show the underlying dynamics of your situation and also help you to find the resources that you need to build your confidence and more success in your life. In looking at the presnt situation and also assisting you in resolving any underlying programming you may have from your family system. This takes place in a brief, experiential, solution-focused manner you may move on with more purpose and clarity in either a seminar or personal session.

We are part of human systems and also individuals. Many of us are deeply connected to generational patterns. In Business Constellations you can free yourself from those patterns (entanglements) in an empowering and respectful manner for all concerned. Business Constellations is a highly effective leading edge personal development and professional development tool.


‘Being over looked for promotion had become a pattern that I was finding really frustrating. It was fascinating to discover how this pattern was a repeat of my situation in my family. I am now feeling so much more confident and am looking at my options in a different way. Many thanks.’ John

Conflict Resolution.

Perhaps you are involved in a situation of bullying or intimidation.

  • What can you do?
  • How can you find your best solution?

At Business Constellations we can look at the underlying dynamics of the situation confidentially. There is no need to reveal your work situation or names of people concerned, so your privacy and confidentiality is assured. This is great personal development process.

The process can assist you in finding your resources and in making the choices that best suit you. Helping you to move on in an effective way and break the patterns that have been holding you back.

It is interesting to note that our original family system has a very large influence on how we are now even though we have done lots of educationa nd personal development to make deep changes. Because Family Constellations works beyond the level of the personal unconscious, at the level of the present system and your own family system it can reveall the dynamic that you are involved in and also you solutions in a rapid process, experiential process. Just a small amount of information is required to look at your situation through a constellation

You may choose to come to a seminar or private sessions.

There is no time like the present for change.

Constellations for Success using Business and Organisational Constellations.

Imagine a situation where you could look at yourself in a business situation, so that you can observe the underlying dynamics that you are involved in and also experience seeing it from others perspectives to gain a wider view. It is a visual and experiential process.

No need for long drawn out expensive analysis.

What if you were able to;

  • discover the dynamics that undermine the success of your business?
  • look at what is causing the tensions in your workplace?
  • examine the work issues that may cause problems in your home life?
  • find new perspectives and possible solutions?
  • find the family patterns that are still very much alive in your work life?

Choosing a business constellation can give you a lot of information of yourself and others.
Yourself within your environment.

This is an efficient process that is cost and time effective, and looks at the presenting situation 
through a different perspective, where possible solutions may arise to :

  • Identify the dynamics of the situation.
  • Uncover the resolution in as few as one session.
  • Resolve the issue without having the other people present, so it is confidential.
  • Look at an issue objectively through representatives or symbols.

You may choose to do this in a group or a personal session

Stepping into your peer as a business Owner

Here is a way of you looking at your business model from another perspective.

No need for weeks or months of expensive, time consuming discussions or calculations or analysis. This process can help you find out what the core dynamics of your business is and who are key people or connections that can assist you with realising yours and the businesses potential for success.

You may look at your:

  • Your personal potential for success.
  • Yours and others roles in the company
  • Management team.
  • Business model.
  • Allied businesses.
  • Marketing issues.
  • The strengths and weak links in your business.
  • Potential customers.
  • The underlying drivers.

You may look at what is stopping you from succeeding in the way you know you can.

You may look at any weaknesses in your team, management style, different ellements of your business.

Even though you may be quite accomplished in many areas you may be carrying patterns from you original family that may be the source of blocks or blind spots in your work. A Business Constellation may be able to rapidly help you on a personal level to resolve any internal blocks and also streamline your business so that it can flow more easily.

You may look at your situation through a seminar or personal session for a Business Constellation.

Improve team spirit and performance.

‘As a manager I was ready for a new way of connecting with my team and creating a new and motivated culture that is both respectful and co operative. The Business Constellation helped me see how it was possible to improve team spirit and performance.’ David


Helping you toward greater organizational and personal success.

Perhaps you are already using the latest :

  • Technologies
  • Cutting edge management procedures
  • Marketing methods
  • Psychological strategies

But still find communication and relationship problems.

Have you ever wondered what :

  • Unconscious messages you are putting out to your staff and/or customers?
  • Is going on in your business relationships?
  • You can do to improve your business relationships?
  • More you can do to help team building?
  • Why the new manager/team member has not blended into the organisation?
  • Why the merging of two teams didn’t work well and how to get them working as a single entity?
  • How to restructure a business so that people will accept and adapt to it quickly.
  • is the cause of low morale?

Firstly Business Constellations I can help you clear any unconscious patterns you may be carrying from your family system so that you have more clarity when looking at your role and your company. This is a powerful personal development tool.

In addition I can help you by holding seminars for groups or alternatively private confidential sessions for individuals who are experiencing difficulties in the organization. With everyone on the same page the company can regain its momentum towards your goals.

This will allow harmony and order to flow through your organization.

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