The Checklist for a Happy Life

Ultimately we all want to be happy. Most people are too busy in life to consider how happy they are or what will make them happy. Many think that if they can achieve the next job, bigger house or a new relationship then they will be happy only to find that they don’t quite get there. However even when they get what they want, the thrill of the acquisition usually wears off over time and they are left with a need to fill their lives with the next distraction: A distraction that can consume them so that we don’t have to notice their inner state of emptiness. Hence they go onto the next adventure or goal.
We seem to be searching for the illusive or unreachable.

So what is needed to be happy?

Synchronicity, destiny and free will are intricate elements of life and in my experience it is critical to take control of them in order to be fulfilled and happy.

Synchronicity weaves in and out of our life in many ways, such that meeting with the right person at the right time, or to being present just as something significant is unfolding. These provide the crossroads of our life. The times when even though we may have chosen a path, another is presented. Synchronicity gives us the opportunity to make choices and hence continually create and recreate what we want in life.


Many modern people don’t like to consider that destiny also has a place in our lives. This includes the people we are born to, our parents, the qualities we are born with, physical, psychological and emotional as well as our destiny for many things from greatness through to tragedy, or anything in-between. We don’t like to consider destiny because it raises the fact that we are not in full control of all aspects of our life. Some of us may have a problem with accepting our destiny.

Free Will

The third element is free will. The ability to make choices and change the course of our life, at will. This is the element that is possibly the one that we prize the most and is intricately woven into our lives along with destiny and synchronicity. There is no doubt that we are much more powerful than we realize.

We create our lives for the most part, (see Be Rich AND Spiritual for more information on this), so we have the power to change or redirect our path whenever we choose.


As we are individuals and also social beings it is only natural that our relationships are vitally important to our wellbeing and happiness. The quality of relationships is often a measure of our satisfaction and happiness and these are reaching crises points in modern society, with many of us increasingly isolated due to the breakdown of community, family and intimate relationships. Family life and relationships are further under pressure with many of us working harder than ever. Your relationship with yourself and others is a vital key to happiness.

Change your perspective

The way you think and feel creates the way you view, experience and create your life. Therefore it is important that you change any negative thoughts, feelings and intentions towards those that bring happiness. It is important to realize that the only person you have the power to control is yourself, so that to say I will be happy if you or others change is unrealistic and unhelpful. Personal Development may be very helpful to assist you in this. See Stardust on the Spiritual Path by Yildiz Sethi for more information on self-help in relationships.


Time is your life, so it is important to use it well. Choose how you spend it and enjoy what you do. To do this well you need to be in contact with what you have a passion for.

Checklist to leading a happy and fulfilled life:

  • Consider what excites you and what you enjoy: Spend more time doing these things and factor them in your daily life.
  • Look at what is working for you and what is not: Anything that is causing stress should be looked at closely and examined to see if it a necessary part of your life.
  • Look at how you can let go of what is not useful in your life.
  • Consider if you take many things personally and get into the habit of checking out with others what they really mean before making decisions on them.
  • Accept people as they are: rather than trying to change those around you

With just a few changes, there can be a dramatic increase in your happiness levels.

Yildiz Sethi is a personal development and relationship expert. She provides consultations and training in Vedic astrology and Family Constellations and tailored programs to resolve blocks to success and wellbeing. She has been holding workshops and training in Sydney and Brisbane for over a decade. She is the author of two number 1 best seller books (Amazon) Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual. You may reach her on or

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