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Be Rich AND Spiritual.

“But what of the starving millions or the struggling poor, I hear many of you say? Here is the point. You staying poor does not help them. You staying poor does not help them eat more or raise their living standards at all. Giving to the poor may help them eat for one more day perhaps, but does not change their lives or empower them and often maintains the status quo between the rich and poor. The belief that staying poor helps those who are less well off is an old pattern of belief that must be uprooted from our consciousness if we are to create positively and abundantly. This thinking comes from a view of the planet and the universe that is finite and has limitations and scarcity. This is not the case if you understand the connection of your thoughts, intentions and neutral matter that are constantly creating and reforming reality. In reality, focusing on the poor will make more poverty in the world and also create more limitations for yourself, whereas focusing on abundance will have an opposite effect. Remember, what you focus on is what you create.”

There are other ways that we can help others and the planet that are more productive and more sustainable explained further in the personal development book.

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