Synopsis of Be Rich AND Spiritual


Be Rich AND Spiritual Yildiz Sethi

At this stage of our development, many of us have reached the stage of consciousness necessary to break down the social conditioning that has placed spirituality and wealth at opposing poles and step into our power as abundant human beings. The Secret and the movement hat came out of it, The Law of Attraction, have made many promises but left out many of he conditions by which they may be understood and used effectively. This book provides a unique and in depth perspective with clear steps to follow for those who are ready for he next step into abundance.

Many factors involved in creation ad co creation are explored in examining what needs to be in place to be both Rich AND Spiritual. This involves the psychological, social conditioning, metaphysics and spiritual components required to attract and maintain wealth, while remaining authentically whole. This wealth creation book includes strategies and methodologies for resolving blocks to becoming rich, in a way that is in tune with the heart and soul, for those who are ready to move into the next paradigm of human existence. The knowledge and practice of Family Constellations and Vedic astrology are proposed as tools to facilitate awareness and personal development for modern men and women on their journey to freedom. This is a self-help, personal growth book that provides the knowledge and steps required to live abundantly on our planet in a state of harmony.

The riches are there for the taking, if you can “honour creation by being the highest expression of your self that you can be”.

Yildiz is uniquely placed to write this book, as she is deeply involved in the personal development of individuals and groups in offering a unique perspective coming from her experience as a Vedic astrologer, Therapist, Family Constellation facilitator and trainer. Not only does she offer a perspective, but also resolutions and steps to follow for personal growth.