Resolve the ties that bind.

Systemic Personal development and transformation.

Not everyone is seeking or ready for this as it requires the maturity to look at oneself and realise that we are human, much like anyone else, but wanting to have a fuller more satisfying and authentic life. We may be wanting to change thoughts or feelings or patterns. Improve ourselves for ourselves, so we may be more content and fulfilled. We have a focus on finding or being in a more fulfilling relationship or a better parent or grandparent. We each have our own reasons for self development that are unique just as we are.

Many in personal development are coming to realise that we are all part of systems so a systems approach is appropriate in that it is respectful, powerful and transformative in allowing you to free yourself from unhealthy dynamics and receive the love that is there as your birth right

At Family Constellations you can experience the family and ancestral dynamics that you were born into and experience the human conditions that we are all part of. Experience the Knowing field and gain insight, knowledge and a new perspective of yourself and others.

You may enter this field on many different levels.

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Come to a 1 or 2 day Family Constellation workshop where you can come as a representative for a much smaller fee or come to do your own constellation for a larger fee. A constellation is more powerful than years of therapy or coaching at resolving the ties that bind you.

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