RCH Synopsis

Rapid Core Healing Synopsis

Rapid Core Healing pathway to growth and emotional healing for personal and systemic issues; using Emotional Mind Integration and Family Constellations by Yildiz Sethi is aimed at people who help people: In particular, counsellors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, mental health professionals and alternative therapists and those who are interested in understanding human psyche. Yildiz Sethi is an ex science teacher and the innovator of Rapid Core Healing (RCH), psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, Family Constellation facilitator and trainer.

 Sethi believes it is time for a more integrated, holistic and effective approach to better mental health, in putting aside divisions and myths around psychotherapeutic approaches so as to promote methodologies that produce more effective results. This book demonstrates how Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Family Constellation processes may be used in RCH to enable effective therapeutic resolutions in a holistic and respectful manner. This is a dual approach that works in a seamless way with a wide range of issues coming from the individual and systemic aspects of human beings. This includes the inner and relational aspects of human experience. RCH is at the forefront of effective brief therapy in providing a revolutionary way of assisting people with trauma and a range of emotional and relational issues including, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse and domestic violence to name only a few in three to five sessions for most.

In looking at what has contributed to the development of RCH this is a study of what is effective in psychotherapy. It includes an exploration of the challenges and trends in psychology and psychotherapy research and whether they are contributing to better outcomes in mental health. Sethi has developed Rapid Core Healing (RCH) and Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) through her practice with client’s in dealing with both the individual and systemic elements of their issues for deeper resolutions. The process is brief, experiential, solution-focused, person-centered and emotionally focused in engaging many senses simultaneously.

The RCH approach provides the theory underlying clearly defined innate pathways that may be utilized in enabling psychological healing in a relatively rapid manner for better mental health outcomes. These natural healing pathways may be utilized in the therapeutic process for deep resolutions of a wide range of issues. In RCH, natural pathways to healing are shown through theory and case studies that draw on innate impulses that are present in human beings for assimilation, recovery and improved wellbeing.

The book includes essential psychological knowledge from traditional psychotherapeutic and psychology theory and practice along with the latest neuroscience, epigenetics and psychological developments. This knowledge merged with clinical practice of what makes a difference with clients, has contributed to the development of RCH.

In summary the book is about a new approach to therapy that is brief, thorough and effective. It includes a summary of how we got to this point in psychotherapy with some research as evidence of developments so far. This includes the benefits and shortcomings in the existing psychotherapies such as Humanistic and Cognitive Behavioural therapies and the traditional medical model and the pharmaceutical industry, along with the problems of psychotherapeutic research. In this Sethi critiques the traditional medical model and the role of the pharmaceutical industry and research methodology in the treatment of mental health, citing examples and references in the field.

This book may be a valuable addition to psychotherapeutic knowledge and development for those involved in counselling, psychotherapy, Family Constellations, hypnotherapy, personal development and growth and for a wide range of relational and emotional issues.

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