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Be Rich AND Spiritual

Yildiz Sethi


Be Rich and Spiritual is a fantastic book that is in a league of its own when it comes to combining the principles of wealth and spirituality. It goes beyond what we all learned in “the secret” offering a rare look at what’s really running the show we call our life.

Yildiz took me on a magical journey; explaining the spiritual world concisely and clearly, debunking myths around Karma and other complex spiritual concepts in an easy to understand way.

She explains how the ancient science of Vedic Astrology can help us create a life with fewer struggles and greater acceptance. The book helps us understand how we may use Vedic astrology to accurately predict phases of our life, which in turns allows us to be live our life more productively and meaningfully.

The book tended to call out to me at 1.30am when I duly got up several times to drink from its wisdom. I would recommend the book to anyone who is interested in living a spiritually fulfilling life combined with one of material success, and who doesn’t want that?

Tim Wise Speaker / Trainer / Mentor


In my work with people over many years I have been struck by growing levels of frustration, disappointment and confusion over their engagement with the ideas espoused by the movement surrounding the Law of Attraction and The Secret. The purpose of writing this book is to give a fuller perspective of our creative potential and how to utilise it in being both Rich and Spiritual. I have used much of my knowledge and experience with clients and my own life journey to put this book together for those who are ready to live more freely and abundantly. I am a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Family Constellations, personal development facilitator and trainer, Vedic Astrologer and ex physics and chemistry teacher, mother and grandmother. In a nutshell, I have a passion for assisting people to free their minds, so that they can live more fully in the world. In this book I show the problems that we encounter in our endeavour to fulfil our potential and also many possible solutions towards transformation for those who are ready to expand their horizons.

At this time of our development as human beings I feel it is appropriate to incorporate the proven wisdoms and spiritual knowledge of the past with the latest innovations in personal development and an understanding of the functioning of the mind. In this way we be able to arrive at a deeper understanding of our human potential. Of course in looking at our potential, spirituality must also be considered, as we are beings with consciousness and a soul, and very much on a path and on a journey. Throughout the text the spiritual journey is given a broad view from which you may draw to formulate your own developing spiritual philosophy and perspective.

I put forward a revolutionary, unique perspective of how we create our reality. In order to do this subject justice there is an extensive exploration of what holds us back from stepping into our greatness. Such a text would be incomplete without sharing ways of resolving such blocks by following clearly set out steps for material and spiritual growth.

Through a deeper understanding of the workings of the mind the reader may gain a deeper knowledge of their inner power. Within this, aspects of the conscious and unconscious mind are discussed to show how blocks to success may form and how they may serve to sabotage many well-formed goals. In exploring the blocks, I present valuable knowledge of how they may be resolved or reformed towards healthier, happier and more successful outcomes.

As a Vedic astrologer I have incorporated elements of my knowledge that are pertinent to being Rich and Spiritual and in particular a fuller understanding of karma and its impact on wealth creation. In this writing I dispel myths and misunderstandings about karma and the role it plays in our life as our greatest spiritual teacher. Unfortunately, karma is often seen by many in the west as punishment, or as providing very little freedom in how and what we create, or how we respond. Many think that it takes away freedom, which I show throughout the book is very much not the case. Knowledge of karma is invaluable in raising awareness, especially when you understand that it is synonymous with elements of the mind and free will.

Throughout the book several ways of transforming or resolving unwanted patterns of thinking and feeling are shown. Transformation is possible and often occurs naturally for many of us and demonstrates that we are indeed free to create our reality in any way we choose.

As a facilitator of Family Constellations, I introduce this powerful, brief, experiential, solution focused, psychotherapeutic methodology as a leading edge way of resolving self-sabotage and hence allowing each of us to pursue our full potential as men or women. Throughout this self-help, personal development book there are clear guidelines that may be followed to become Rich AND Spiritual if you choose.


Yildiz Sethi is an Australian woman of Turkish Cypriot and English origin born in England and living in Brisbane, Australia. She started her career as a physics and chemistry teacher, which she enjoyed for many years before transitioning to Vedic astrology at a sensitive time of her life. This led to a fascination with the psychological patterns that hold us back and in an exploration to find the most effective ways to facilitate change in herself and others. She did further studies to become a counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and Family Constellations facilitator and trainer.

Yildiz is now deeply involved in Personal Development involving Vedic astrology teaching and consultations, Family Constellation seminars and training and she runs a private practice in Brisbane, Australia. She is passionate about helping people free their minds so as to make the most of their lives.

Having come from a working class background herself, she has expanded her own horizons significantly in all spheres, psychologically, emotionally, practically, spiritually and financially in creating her present reality. In exploring and developing her ability to create and manifest in a tangible way, she has a wealth of unique knowledge and practical experience from her own life journey and from the facilitation of others, that she wishes to share with you in your quest to being Rich and Spiritual.


Master Applied Social Science (counselling), Graduate Diploma Counselling, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, B.Ed. NLP Practitioner, Ego State Therapy.

Family Constellations facilitator and trainer. Counsellor. Hypnotherapist. Presenter. Speaker. Vedic astrologer and teacher.



A Rich Life

You have chosen this book because you are curious or really want to know how you can be materially rich and also have spiritual richness. Being Rich and Spiritual may appear to incorporate polar opposites for many, but I am proposing that this does not need to be the case. How would it be if they can work together? Perhaps being rich and spiritual is what we are here for.

The purpose of this book is to address the confusion and conflicts that many people experience when they consider wealth and spirituality. There has been much said separately about each, but not so much together. Even though hints or assumptions of spirituality are intimated or assumed in both the Law of Attraction and The Secret, they are not addressed directly, or in any great depth. It is my wish that through this book you may come to understand your relationship with money and spirituality and find more confluence with these aspects of life in ways that allow you more freedom in living. My wish is that you find a way to be wealthy and maintain your integrity in being spiritual.

There are many books on creating wealth, so why write another? It is my belief that vital areas of knowledge have been omitted and assumptions made that make this area illusive and fraught with frustration and obstacles. Many of you reading this book may already have been consciously focusing on manifesting more wealth into your life and have followed the theory and guidelines of The Law of Attraction with some to little success and wonder why it’s not working for you. Others may have just started to explore these possibilities and require more understanding. As you have chosen this book it is likely that you are ready to know how it may be possible to be rich and maintain or deepen your spiritual experience and for these aspects of life to be comfortable bedfellows – not having to make a choice of either wealth or spirituality. This indicates that you have a conscious wish to enjoy financial affluence without guilt.

I invite you to have a pen and paper at hand to jot down ideas as they come to you that may be useful and to take time to reflect on the exercises where they occur in the chapters.

I started life as the eldest of seven children in the very working class industrial heartland of England in a multicultural family in a council estate.