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There are many levels of growth, personal development and transformation and no doubt there is a legitimate level for you and wherever you are at, right now.


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

If you have reached this level of realization, then you may find this of value.

Personal development is not simply about mind-set.

It’s also about heart-set and the growing of wisdom from all that has gone before. Interestingly those who have dared to live fully, are more likely to have more from which to grow, such as those who have dared to follow their dreams and allowed themselves to love. From a life well lived there is a lot from which we can grow and mature into wisdom. Are you living fully? If not, why not?

However at times we may all come to a crossroad, an impasse or a point from which we can go deep, reflect, complete unfinished business or grow and further our state of transformation. This may happen at several points in our lives. This may involve a change of career, end of a relationship, children leaving home, a new relationship, recovery of illness, the onset of dis-ease, or during the grieving process, just to quote a few of the myriad of possibilities we human beings may be facing.

This may take place in many ways. Many people go off looking for themselves in far off places. The top of a distant mountain or a deep forest, an ashram or retreat, when in fact all they really needed apart from a great travel experience is to come out of everyday distractions and simply allow themselves to BE. See Stardust on the Spiritual Path for detail on the souls journey in our earthly realm.

Distraction is fine and meditation is wonderful and I wouldn’t be without it, but it is important to remember that we have been born into this body and this life here on the planet, primarily for a purpose. One of our tasks is to find that purpose and this may have many prongs to it. So escaping our body and the rudiments of everyday living is perhaps not really the point here. Perhaps rather we should live in an enjoyable way and make the most of what we create, rather than seek to escape it.

“Heaven is comfort, but it’s still not living.”

Alice Sebold,

Perhaps the best way to live your life is to make it heaven now, by coming to peace with yourself and learn to enjoy what is available to you, while simultaneously creating what you would like to experience. This is shown in much more detail in my book Be Rich AND Spiritual which is a book about what was left out of the law of attraction and how to make it work for you much more effectively.

In becoming more clear about who you are, it is necessary to acknowledge where you came from in a physical and ancestral sense as I believe a first step in growth. In coming back to who you are it is necessary to come to peace with where you came from and to find your rightful place in your ancestral family system, so that you may receive what is helpful from those who have gone before you. This requires humility and compassion and letting go of the ego and many of us may not be ready for this level of growth.

While most personal development available may help with motivation, goals and achievement, this aspect of soul development leading to deep wholesome connection that can open the door to more peace of mind and hence more of what ever it is you are seeking is not available everywhere. This level of growth leads to more acceptance, love, better relationships, wellness and success. Systemic personal development is often the missing essential, element in personal development, as it mostly takes the point that we are individuals and leaves out the systemic and/or any unconscious elements that may be operating. If you would like to understand and accept yourself and your family better and form better connections with friends, partners, find an appropriate partner, resolve the ties from previous love’s, increase your self esteem so that you can enjoy more of what is in your life then this course may be for you.

How to do this in the time you may have at hand? Many may think that this could take an extensive amount of time, should involve a lot of travel or extensive amounts of money. However, this does not have to be the case. In 2-10 January 2016 Healing from the Roots Family Constellations intensive is perhaps the best gift you can give yourself in terms of personal growth and transformation, to enable 2016 to flower in a more productive way for you. Systemic Family Constellations Intensive takes place in a confidential nurturing group, where learning and processing take place in a respectful, easy to digest manner.

It provides a unique opportunity to go to a new level of understanding of yourself and what you carry with you in your life, in terms of relationships, self-esteem, wellness and success. What we carry in terms of systemic elements are largely unconscious and we normally don’t know that is, until we begin to see the patterns that we create repeatedly in our lives.

This may be anything from sabotaging relationships, or picking inappropriate partners, or not able to attract a partner, to sabotaging work situations.

In this a unique 6 day intensive you will be able to gain a deep understanding and more acceptance of who you are and where you came from. This is very helpful in understanding and coming to more acceptance of others and creating better personal boundaries. The intensive consists of 2 modules Family of Origin and Present situation or family. Having these in good order and in a healthy state, is much like having the roots of a plant deep strong and healthy, so that the plant can reach its potential height and fullness.


Yildiz Sethi is a personal development and relationship expert. She provides consultations and training in Family Constellations and Vedic astrology and tailored programs to resolve blocks to wellness, success and wellbeing including relationships, depression and anxiety. She has been holding workshops and training in Sydney and Brisbane for over a decade. Yildiz is a former physics and chemistry teacher, registered Master of counselling, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Family Constellations facilitator and trainer and Vedic Astrologer. She is the author of two number 1 best seller books (Amazon) Stardust on the Spiritual Path and Be Rich AND Spiritual.

Yildiz Sethi has been running nurturing, informative and transformational seminars monthly in Brisbane and Sydney since 2005. That is about 200 so far. She also has provided personal sessions for change, personal development and personal growth, transformation and relationships for the last 15 years.

You may reach her on or 07 31616171