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Press Release The definitive book on Happiness. Stardust on the Spiritual Path

Q What are the limitations?

  •  Your sense of worthiness, including doubt, fear and anxiety.
  • The limitations put on us by ourselves and others.
  • The conditioning of family, society, religion, media and popular culture.
  • Ancestral patterns.

Surely this is being Rich AND Spiritual. See my Book on this.

A common belief

“Those who are masters or experts in many areas cannot be good at any of them. Better to go to an expert in one field only”.

This is a limiting belief as it limits our potential.

While some people do spread themselves thinly over several areas in attempting to be a ‘Jack of all Trades,’ this is not the case for everyone.
What if you are gifted in several areas and can manage each of them well?  What if each area enriches and informs the others?

I am an expert in several fields and each field informs and enriches and unifies the others in giving depth to the services I offer in personal development. For more information.

Yildiz Sethi offers personal development and personal growth to enhance success,
wellness, self esteem and relationships. She is based in Brisbane Australia and gives seminars in Sydney and Brisbane. 

Perhaps you have already;
1  taken part in personal development courses.

2  had extensive coaching or therapy and gone as far as you can in these areas.

3  discovered a block or sabotage pattern that is hard to resolve.

Or perhaps you are seeking a mentor or looking for something more in your personal growth.

If so, you are in the right place.

The Mind matters

The brain and the way we think in thought, logic and beliefs are important to our
wellbeing and what we create..

There is no doubt that our thoughts create our reality.

“A man is made by his beliefs, as he believes, so he is.” Bhagavad- Gita

This is the basis of the Law of Attraction.

If you want to be the best you can be, you need to make sure your thoughts are in line with your highest intentions. While this may be a life long process, the sooner you start, the sooner you can start to change yourself and hence your life.

While pure thought is good, it is so much better when it is in tune with your emotional body and your heart, as this connects you to your soul and purpose. Hence the need to come to peace with yourself.

The Heart matters.

The heart is the seat of the emotions. While emotional intelligence is a good first step,
being at peace with your feelings is so much better. Emotions let us know how we are.
Unfortunately, for many reasons, many of us live in the present emotionally closed down or partially closed down. This may be fine to get you through life and may be appropriate for your career and basic communication, but falls short of allowing you to experience your full potential as a human being.

Many of us are emotionally shut down due to family dynamics or early life trauma and disappointments, while others have become accustomed to living primarily in their heads. Resolving trauma and/or connecting with your feelings allows you to come into yourself more completely for a fuller life experience.

The Soul matters

Your soul is your inner essence. That which connects to the deepest core of who you are. It connects you to universal energy. life force or whatever your understanding of spirituality is, which may be a God or Goddess figure or something else.

The Mind, Heart and Soul matters.

Clarifying your mind and your emotions connects you more completely to your soul. With your mind, heart and soul connected, you have everything you need to make the most of this moment and this life, in any way you choose.

Yildiz Sethi is passionate about helping people to fulfil their potential. She is a Personal Development facilitator and author of two number 1 best seller personal development books on Amazon. Yildiz offers monthly personal development seminars and personal growth workshops and private consultations in person or on phone/skype, for those who wish to go the the next level of growth.

Her unique blend and integration of services through experience, knowledge and skills provide a perfect avenue for those who are ready for a better experience of life. This is perfect for those who are ready to improve themselves, raise awareness, have better relationships and enhance their wellbeing and success.

Her purpose is to assist people in freeing their minds to go beyond limitations. She realises that life is a spiritual journey and that we are each at different points on that path and have different needs.

Why choose Yildiz?
She is much more than a coach, counsellor or trainer and  is well qualified and experienced to provide effective professional and inspiring growth.

Yildiz offers:

Media release

19 July 2015
The definitive book on Happiness. Stardust on the Spiritual Path

Most people are too busy in life to consider how happy they are or what will make them happy.

Brisbane Australia personal development expert and author of newly released Stardust on the Spiritual Path Yildiz Sethi outlines the three most important elements that weave the intricate web of life.

“Synchronicity, destiny and free will are intricate elements of life – it’s critical to take control of them in order to be fulfilled and happy,” said Ms Sethi.

“We are much more powerful than we realise,” she said.

“We have created our life as it is so can change it once we know what we want.”

“Many think that if they can achieve the next job, bigger house, new relationship then they will be happy only to find that they don’t quite get there.”

“We are individuals and also social beings therefore our relationships are vitally important to our wellbeing.”

“The quality of our relationships is often a measure of our satisfaction and happiness and these are often at a crises point in modern society.”

“Family life and relationship are under pressure with people working harder than ever.”

“We seem to be searching for the illusive or unreachable.”

Ms Sethi provided the following checklist to lead a happy and fulfilled life:

  • Consider what excites you and what you enjoy: Spend more time doing these things and factor them in your daily life.
  • Look at what is working for you and what is not: Anything that is causing stress should be looked at closely and examined to see if it a necessary part of your life.
  • Look at how you can let go of what is not useful in your life.
  • Consider if you take many things personally and get into the habit of checking out with others what they really mean before making decisions on them.
  • Accept people as they are: rather than trying to change those around you

Ms Sethi said with a few changes, there can be a dramatic increase in happiness levels.

According to beyond blue 3 million Australians are living with depressed.

According to 1in10 men and 1 in 4 women are depressed.

“Key Understanding

There is 10 times more major depression in people born after 1945 than in those born before. This clearly shows that the root cause of most depression is not a chemical imbalance.

Human genes do not change that fast,” said 2014

Ms Sethi’s book, Stardust on the Spiritual Path, offers a complete guide and checklist to leading to more satisfaction and happiness.

It is available from


Yildiz Sethi is a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Family Constellations facilitator and Vedic astrologer and former physics and chemistry teacher.

Master of Applied Social Science (Counselling) Grad Dip Couns. Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy. Training in Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger.

Author Stardust on the Spiritual Path 2014.

High resolution images and interviews are available on request.

Media contact Yildiz Sethi +61412172300 +6171616171

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