Know Love and Grow Personal Development 6 day intensive

Know Love and Grow yorself

A New Course for those who really want to understand themselves and their families:
’Healing from the Roots Advanced Healing Experiential learning course. Six day Personal Development.’

consists of 2 modules.
Module 1 (3 days) Family of origin.
Module 2 (3 days) Present family

Learn about Family Dynamics.
Take the opportunity to receive a constellation in both your original family AND your present situation for deep clearing through the learning experience.
If you are someone who really wants to understand about family and relationship dynamics and gain the tools and experience to step into your rightful place in your family with more clarity and peace. then you will find this course invaluable. With this knowledge you may aspire to be the best that you can be and gain a deeper understanding of those around you. In finding your place in your original family and discovering the underlying patterns of relational and generational dynamics, you may free yourself in the present for new possibilities.

In this course you will learn about Family dynamics, Blind Love, Entanglements, Order. Loyalty and how patterns are passed on though the Family of Origin into Present family situations.

You will be given notes and through teaching and discussion and experiencing the dynamics of your own constellation and those of the group you will be proceed on your own personal journey of clearing and clarifying so you may walk in your rightful place in both your personal and professional life.

6 day intensive 2-10 January.
A unique personal development  course that is primarily experiential.

Six day Personal Development

2-7 January 2016

Brisbane Hamilton


EB $1700 1 Sept

Super EB 1550 1 Aug

More details 07 3161 6171

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