The Spiritual Shakti of Karma and personal development

There is a lot of misinformation about karma. Many see it as punishment and are fearful of even considering or looking at it. Karma is action in Sanskrit while Shakti is power or divine energy. The spiritual power of action is overlooked in daily living for most of us. The notion of Shakti and karma come from the ancient Vedic teachings of ancient India and are deeply entwined with the spiritual, philosophical and practical teachings channelled by the Rishi’s (holy people) of those times to guide us on the path of life. From this philosophy we are souls on a cycle of reincarnation. We are spiritual beings that transcend from the spirit world into the material plane in coming into our human form. We come into this physical world and into an illusionary state. In each life we lose conscious and our awareness of our spiritual core and connections. From this point we are driven by desire into experiences of all kinds in our search for reconnection and fulfilment that we know at a deep intuitive level is there somewhere. Hence we search for it through many aspects of living, mainly through attempting to fulfil desires, goals and ambitions, creating wealth, right action or dharma and eventually after many lives we go into the final stages of awakening.

As soon as we have thoughts and actions we create karma. What we create we must experience, so what we create comes back to us. Either in this life or in another. We are part of the creative universe. We come from it and we return to it at the end of each life. Part of the experiment of living is to rediscover our creative nature in this physical plane and realise that we create it or co creative it with universal energy.

Hence we form beliefs to make meaning of our existence and our interactions with others. Some of these beliefs are healthy while others are less so. We create from our beliefs, so if we hold a set of dysfunctional beliefs that is the reality we create, whereas if we hold a set of functional beliefs we create a happy abundant environment. Only over many lives can we begin to understand what is healthy or not by the results we create. Healthy beliefs make us happy while unhealthy beliefs make us sad, frustrated or depressed. Our natural state is to be happy.

At every point of our lives we are creating and living our karma. This starts in thoughts, intentions and proceeds into words and manifests in action. It is helpful to know this as we can start to fine-tune our karma by noticing what is going on inside our mind. Notice our thoughts and what we are saying to ourselves. It is creating karma. If this is not the message you want to receive then change it. This is simple, but it requires commitment and focus to remain vigilant to the task. If you forget for a while, there is no need to give or chastise yourself, simple start again simply come back into watching your thoughts. This is a task that may take one or many lifetimes to complete. However within a short time you will notice that you will soon begin to feel happier and more satisfied as you are taking control of your destiny in a positive way. For more information on how karma works in many lives see Stardust on the Spiritual Path 

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