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IMG_0263About  Spirituality and personal development

Yildiz realises that not everyone on the personal development path is on a conscious spiritual path. She works with where you are and where you would like to go.

For those who are aware of their spiritual path, this is probably your most intimate journey.

What is spirituality?

It is an awareness of something bigger than us. An awareness of our life force or inner essence and consciousness and the gift of life that we are experiencing.
With that comes gratitude and wonder and a knowing that bright or intelligent as we are, we are part of the life force of humanity, all living things, the planet, solar system and the cosmos. Part of universal energy and All That Is. For some reason we are here now and it is up to us how we experience it and what we do with the precious time we have.
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It involves how you see yourself in the world and may be framed by a religious perspective or not. However many people in the world are at the stage of their development where they are going beyond a religious perspective to fine their own spiritual view, in looking for a perspective that can grow or develop as they mature.

We each have a right to develop our own perspective of our life and spiritual journey and are informed by our life experience. I believe many of us are developed enough to explore our spirituality without the framework of a traditional religion if we choose. Others pursue this path from a within a religion. We each have a right to choose.

To be whole human beings it is necessary to be aware of the mind, body and spirit and also the left analytical components as well as the right abstract, creative and instinctual parts of the of the brain and realise that a combination provides the bigger picture and experience of who we are. This is both personal development and spiritual development.

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The wheel is a significant symbol of the wheel of life.

  • The wheel of karma.
  • The never-ending cycle of life as we follow our spiritual path in constant personal development and personal growth through experiences of all kinds.



The Snake  is powerful symbol of transformation. Transformation that takes place at regular points on our spiritual journey or personal development. We all reach points at which we cannot go any further without letting go of ourselves. The image we have, the position, the beliefs or feelings have to go or change as we grow. Sometimes we have to let people go or situations in order to shed our skin and move into a new persona of who we really are.



Transformation is what we all experience once we have the courage and enough personal development to go through the process. But yes it requires perseverance, discipline, clarity and courage because no one knows how it will be until we get there. I believe on the spiritual path and in the personal development process, we all transform many times in a life time if we are open to the process. I also know many are too scared of change to under go this process and respect that this is where they are in their development. Like the butterfly coming out of the chrysalis, it is a necessary struggle to make sure we are resilient and strong enough for the task in hand. We have all been at that point too, so there is no need to judge.

Yildiz offers spiritual development and personal development through many services.

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Be Rich AND Spiritual by Yildiz Sethi is about how we can be both Rich and spiritual in both attitude and action in living authentically in abundance on the planet. This book explores and explodes some of the myths involving the Law of attraction and also gives vital information not shared before about how to create your reality positively and includes a great deal of personal development.
For more information of this book see Books.

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