Happiness checklist press release.

Happiness checklist press release.

Many are ready for the next step in consciousness in finding a
belief system or form of spirituality to help them discover a higher meaning in life. Through exploring elements of mystical India with knowledge of modern psychological and personal development, we may create a new enriching perspective of our soul journey as stardust. Yildiz explores aspects of Karma, Vedic astrology,
reincarnation, free will and destiny and the process of
Family Constellations as a means of making the most of ourselves on our soul journey through relationships and self-discovery
towards enlightenment through a character named ‘Surya’.
The author uses ancient and modern philosophies and Eastern and Western knowledge in looking through Surya’s eyes. Each
decision has consequences and Yildiz discusses those with a strong emphasis on the intricacies of relationship.
We are invited to consider consumerism, global warming and our search for love as the soul remembering its wisdom. To experience her generosity of spirit, one only has to read, “Perhaps there is truth in both beliefs. That this life is unique, a one-off experience and may not be repeated in exactly the same way. This is the only time we may have this experience in this body, time, culture and circumstance.” The book holds our interest, but perhaps most beautiful is the strength of peace that is left once our eyes have left the page.
Yildiz is an Australian woman who carries the blood of her Turkish/African and British roots, is a former teacher of Physics and Chemistry, a therapist, Vedic astrologer, facilitator/trainer of Family Constellation and a generous spirit.’ Francesca Mason Boring Author of Connecting to our Ancestral Past: Healing through Family Constellations. Ceremony and Ritual.