Creating your success


Do the Heart of Success test NOW.

Be Rich AND Spiritual

Think of your goal and notice:

  • What thoughts come.
  • Your feelings around this.
  • Your vision.
  • Any sensations in your body.

If the thoughts are positive and you feel excited and bubbly about your goal materialising and your body feels comfortable and energised, or alternatively you are already living your vision, WELL DONE. Carry on doing what you are doing!!

However if your thoughts are full of doubts, fears or anxiety and your body feels tense or heavy and you feel very distant from your vision or even have a hard time creating the vision at all and can’t maintain it,  you will benefit greatly from the Heart of Success seminar 13 June in Brisbane and 27 June Sydney.

Benefits of this seminar are:

  • Find the secrets of creating your reality successfully.
  • Find key essential elements that the Law of Attraction left out.
  • Gain some vital tools to help you to the Heart of your success.

For information on the presenter Yildiz Sethi the author or 2 Number 1 personal development best sellers Amazon

Books also available personal development and spiritual development books

Book in NOW 13 June Brisbane. 27 June Sydney. $197 only.

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