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Be Rich AND Spiritual? Radio interview

Is it possible to be both Rich and Spiritual?

If you are interested in Personal Development and or Personal Growth  and would like to know more about being Rich and Spiritual, listen to the Radio OUT THERE interview with Barry Eaton Here

Family Constellations Training

2-10 January 2016 Brisbane Australia Healing from the Roots Family Constellations intensive is perhaps the best gift you can give yourself in terms of personal growth and transformation for 2016 

Systemic Family Constellations Intensive takes place in a confidential nurturing group, where learning and processing take place in a respectful, easy to digest manner. It provides a unique opportunity to go to a new level of understanding of yourself and create better relationships, self-esteem, wellness and success. More details
See the article Family Constellations – A Fresh Approach to Psychotherapy.

Healing from the Roots Personal Development Intensive

For a full emotional and personal growth experience to set you up for 2016.
In this a unique 6 day intensive you will be able to gain a deep understanding and more acceptance of who you are and where you came from for greater presence.
More Details

See the Full article on Transformation and growth here Here

You may reach her on or 0412172300



Know Love and Grow Personal Development 6 day intensive

Know Love and Grow yorself

A New Course for those who really want to understand themselves and their families:
’Healing from the Roots Advanced Healing Experiential learning course. Six day Personal Development.’

consists of 2 modules.
Module 1 (3 days) Family of origin.
Module 2 (3 days) Present family

Learn about Family Dynamics.
Take the opportunity to receive a constellation in both your original family AND your present situation for deep clearing through the learning experience.
If you are someone who really wants to understand about family and relationship dynamics and gain the tools and experience to step into your rightful place in your family with more clarity and peace. then you will find this course invaluable. With this knowledge you may aspire to be the best that you can be and gain a deeper understanding of those around you. In finding your place in your original family and discovering the underlying patterns of relational and generational dynamics, you may free yourself in the present for new possibilities.

In this course you will learn about Family dynamics, Blind Love, Entanglements, Order. Loyalty and how patterns are passed on though the Family of Origin into Present family situations.

You will be given notes and through teaching and discussion and experiencing the dynamics of your own constellation and those of the group you will be proceed on your own personal journey of clearing and clarifying so you may walk in your rightful place in both your personal and professional life.

6 day intensive 2-10 January.
A unique personal development  course that is primarily experiential.

Six day Personal Development

2-7 January 2016

Brisbane Hamilton


EB $1700 1 Sept

Super EB 1550 1 Aug

More details 07 3161 6171

Creating your success


Do the Heart of Success test NOW.

Be Rich AND Spiritual

Think of your goal and notice:

  • What thoughts come.
  • Your feelings around this.
  • Your vision.
  • Any sensations in your body.

If the thoughts are positive and you feel excited and bubbly about your goal materialising and your body feels comfortable and energised, or alternatively you are already living your vision, WELL DONE. Carry on doing what you are doing!!

However if your thoughts are full of doubts, fears or anxiety and your body feels tense or heavy and you feel very distant from your vision or even have a hard time creating the vision at all and can’t maintain it,  you will benefit greatly from the Heart of Success seminar 13 June in Brisbane and 27 June Sydney.

Benefits of this seminar are:

  • Find the secrets of creating your reality successfully.
  • Find key essential elements that the Law of Attraction left out.
  • Gain some vital tools to help you to the Heart of your success.

For information on the presenter Yildiz Sethi the author or 2 Number 1 personal development best sellers Amazon

Books also available personal development and spiritual development books

Book in NOW 13 June Brisbane. 27 June Sydney. $197 only.

Law of Attraction, Be Rich AND Spiritual

Personal development

Heart of Success personal development seminars

Be Rich AND Spiritual.

“But what of the starving millions or the struggling poor, I hear many of you say? Here is the point. You staying poor does not help them. You staying poor does not help them eat more or raise their living standards at all. Giving to the poor may help them eat for one more day perhaps, but does not change their lives or empower them and often maintains the status quo between the rich and poor. The belief that staying poor helps those who are less well off is an old pattern of belief that must be uprooted from our consciousness if we are to create positively and abundantly. This thinking comes from a view of the planet and the universe that is finite and has limitations and scarcity. This is not the case if you understand the connection of your thoughts, intentions and neutral matter that are constantly creating and reforming reality. In reality, focusing on the poor will make more poverty in the world and also create more limitations for yourself, whereas focusing on abundance will have an opposite effect. Remember, what you focus on is what you create.”

There are other ways that we can help others and the planet that are more productive and more sustainable explained further in the personal development book.

Be Rich AND Spiritual Yildiz Sethi. Number 1 best seller Amazon ebook and paper back book available on yildiz sethi 

Our Dilemma: Be Rich AND Spiritual 5

What holds us back from being Rich and achieving our dreams?

ON the other hand we live in an abundant and dynamic universe composed of cycles within cycles. Some systems collapsing as others are reborn. As human beings we are part of Universal Energy and made out of he same stardust as everything in the universe. We come from Stardust and go back to Stardust, dust to dust or ashes to ashes.

As human beings with free will in an abundant universe and we are also part of many social, political and economic systems that are steeped in culture, tradition and taboos. So what holds us back?

Be Rich AND Spiritual is now a Number 1 Best Seller.

What is real? Be Rich AND Spiritual 3

Making reality- The Illusion.

What is real? That is the great existential question.
Many of us spend our whole lives looking for what is real and true in an attempt to understand ourselves and our place in the world.

We look for meaning in many different ways relationship, career, family, friendships adventures of all kinds………………………….

How we make meaning is crucial to how we create our lives.

This may often be conditioned by family, society or religion, but in Be Rich AND Spiritual you are challenged to come up with your own view and to make it a view that allows you more possibilities for your life to develop in a prolific manner.

These are important first questions we each need to ask if we want to create a better reality now in terms of personal development.

Book available Amazon


Be Rich and Spiritual 2

sunflowerThere is no doubt that positive psychology and that we create our own reality from our thoughts feelings and visions is not such a new idea. The basics of the Law of Attraction appears to be easy, so how is it that many of us are not doing it successfully?

The truth is that many involved in personal development of us tried and been disappointed by the results. This is because there are some vital elements that have not been included that need to be factored into the way we understand and create our reality.

IN Be Rich and Spiritual Amazon you will find 7 steps that are clearly defined and explored in depth throughout the book.

Be Rich AND Spiritual 1

Being Rich

What is being rich? You may be wandering what kind of richness the book Be Rich And Spiritual is referring to. Rich is a big word as it encompasses a kaleidoscope of possibilities. The subject of richness at time may be challenge for many of us particularly those of us who think critically or inquiringly about ‘the world, the universe and everything,’ concerning everything that is happening presently on the planet. For such people who like to look deeper you will know that it is wise if you want an more informed view, to look beyond the scope of popular current affairs, news and media to what is playing out in your personal and social lives.

Many of us are challenged by the growing divide between ‘the haves’ and the ‘have nots’, global warming, climate change, the population explosion and political unrest in the world to name only a few of the worlds present challenges.

Many may ask, in such a climate does it feel inappropriate or insensitive to be focusing on personal richness even though this is what many of us crave at some level? Comfort, ease, abundance and richness.
To find out much more or to buy the ebook or hard copy of this personal development book now see Amazon