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Be Rich AND Spiritual? Radio interview

Is it possible to be both Rich and Spiritual?

If you are interested in Personal Development and or Personal Growth  and would like to know more about being Rich and Spiritual, listen to the Radio OUT THERE interview with Barry Eaton Here

Family Constellations Training

2-10 January 2016 Brisbane Australia Healing from the Roots Family Constellations intensive is perhaps the best gift you can give yourself in terms of personal growth and transformation for 2016 

Systemic Family Constellations Intensive takes place in a confidential nurturing group, where learning and processing take place in a respectful, easy to digest manner. It provides a unique opportunity to go to a new level of understanding of yourself and create better relationships, self-esteem, wellness and success. More details
See the article Family Constellations – A Fresh Approach to Psychotherapy.

Healing from the Roots Personal Development Intensive

For a full emotional and personal growth experience to set you up for 2016.
In this a unique 6 day intensive you will be able to gain a deep understanding and more acceptance of who you are and where you came from for greater presence.
More Details

See the Full article on Transformation and growth here Here

You may reach her on or 0412172300



Growth from the Roots 6 day Intensive

Family ConstellationPersonal Development 6 Day Intensive.
A New Course for those who really want to understand themselves and their families:

‘Healing from the Roots Advanced  Experiential Growth course. Six day Personal Development.’

consists of 2 modules.

Module 1 (3 days) Family of origin.

Module 2 (3 days) Present family

  • Learn about Family Dynamics for personal and relational growth.
  • One of our most important first tasks in personal development is in
    Knowing, Accepting and eventually loving ourselves.
  • This course will assist you in re establishing yourself and your connections in a healthy way so that you can fulfil your potential as a human being now.

We all come from families and are a product of all those that have gone before us.Take the opportunity to receive a constellation in both your original family AND your present situation for deep clearing through the learning experience.

If you are someone who really wants to understand about family and relationship dynamics and gain the tools and experience to step into your rightful place in your family with more clarity and peace. then you will find this course invaluable. With this knowledge you may aspire to be the best that you can be and gain a deeper understanding of those around you. In finding your place in your original family and discovering the underlying patterns of relational and generational dynamics, you may free yourself in the present for new possibilities.

Learn about Family Dynamics.

Take the opportunity to receive a constellation in both your original family AND your present situation for deep clearing through the learning experience. For more information

For more information see the calendar

Be Rich and Spiritual 2

sunflowerThere is no doubt that positive psychology and that we create our own reality from our thoughts feelings and visions is not such a new idea. The basics of the Law of Attraction appears to be easy, so how is it that many of us are not doing it successfully?

The truth is that many involved in personal development of us tried and been disappointed by the results. This is because there are some vital elements that have not been included that need to be factored into the way we understand and create our reality.

IN Be Rich and Spiritual Amazon you will find 7 steps that are clearly defined and explored in depth throughout the book.